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Yup. Waco and I did buy said car at the junk yard for scrap prices. The water pump seized and the timing belt of course broke. That's what it was brought in for. Yes, it is an interference engine so we might have some other issues, but as of right now everything seems to be as it should -- other than the pump.


New pump, new timing belt, a little assembly and this beast might be up and running soon enough.


Worst case, too much is wrong, we just drag it back up the road to the junk yard for scrap money again. :D


Win win...little fun playing, and can always get money back. Good deal if you ask me...


Ugly?!?! I'd say it's cute. It'll lose it's paint but it won't be another tiger -- not sure what it'll be jut yet.



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Just a word of advice Panda, in a lot of cases when the timeing belt breaks the valves in the head will get bent which can lead to big bucks in repairs , so don't put more into it than you will ever get back at scrap prices.Good luck on this adventure.:biggrin:

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And on top of that - it's got the 5 speed manual transmission with a good clutch. Brakes are nearly new (pads look really good), suspension is in good shape, and it has decent tires on it.


The only issue is the top end of the motor (if valves are bent up) and worst case there's another engine sitting at the scrap yard up the road with a better cam/head on it in good shape.


I'm excited to tear into it. Autocross here we come!

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