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Sli Keeps Dropping Out

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I have an aging Sli rig that keeps dropping my Sli configuration.



AMD B55 3.2ghz 1.4v

Asus M4N75TD 750A Sli

8gb (4x2gb) DDR3 1600 9-9-9-24

2x ASUS GTX 460 768mb Sli


I have been having other problems lately as well, the computer shudders, the mouse stops moving and sound skips for about a half a second. The computer wont fully shut down by itself, i have to hold the power button once windows is done shutting down.


I am looking for a good way to test them that isn't gaming because I want to single them out.

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Read my blog and skip to the GPU benchmarking section: http://computerhardwareupgrades.blogspot.com/2012/03/start-with-what-youve-got-part-2-of-3.html


Test only one of the cards at a time in the same slot. If they're both good, test one at the 2nd PCIE2.0 slot. If that's all good, then it might be your SLI Bridge or corrupted drivers.

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