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7oss El Leel

Some LAN Party Electricity Issue

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hello people of the Earth :P

i'm planning to host a LAN Party isA

i found the place

it prepared with Elec. 4 to 6 Plugs

here in Egypt Elec. is 220 V and 50 Hz

i'm planning to hookup between 12 to 18 PC Each Powered By 600 Watt PSU

can i plug more than 2 PC & Monitors In The Same Plug Using an electricity socket outlet


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Can you grab an extension cord (heavy duty mind you 220v, 20amp rated for a theoretical 4400watts which should carry enough for 8 or 9 of the PCs, just dont run thematic on all of them :lol) that will run from a seperate room on a determined seperate power circuit with a 20amp breaker.


Work out also the the room has at least a 20 amp breaker too.


If you run 8 maybe 9 off the extension will a kill-a-watt meter to be sure of saftey then the other 4 or 5 or so can be plugged in, in the room along with all the monitors.


Edit: most cheap 4 socket extension boards in 220v countries are rated at least 10amps but be sure off all ratings and if you are having this as something perminent then pay for quality stuff and even an I mean seriously consider getting an electrition to run sufficent power to the room you will use, this may mean 2-3 new power cuircuits but if this is permenant its worth it imo, especially if you talk with him and get sufficent power supply for 20 800watt PCs and peripherals.

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