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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Now Available

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Guys, just get used to it. We're all meant to use OS's like they're on a smart phone because more people have smart phones than they do computers, derp. :D

That's what MS is moving towards. If I had Windows 8 on a tablet, I think it would work a lot better than a laptop.

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Well, I downloaded it last week and now I'm used to it, I don't even feel the need to come back to W7, even if this is a BETA preview, I don't use W7 anymore... the reason ?


I like the Metro UI.. yeah, please don't hurt me :rolleyes:


Yeah it looks it has been develloped for tablets and touch screens, I don't have any "touch screen", and yet I've the feeling that using the Metro UI with a keyboard and a mouse is totally possible and convenient! It looks like a smartphone with a mouse...


I don't really use all the apps available in the new UI but I tried them and these apps also look like smartphone apps, yet, it's no that bad!


Well I think some people overthere and even on other forums, no matter where you come from, don't want to get used to a new way of doing things, that's all...


The only thing I find not really convenient is the way of turning off the computer, you have to go to Metro UI, then click on your name, then click on disconnect, then roll up the screen, with this tree and this sunset (which, by the way are very beautiful :wub: ), then click on turn off...


I just hope that in the final Windows 8, Microsoft will include an easier way to turn off the computer.. and that's it, I like the overall new features!

That is the problem, there are a lot of people who don't want a smartphone with a mouse! They are totally dissing their professional market.

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