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Need a printer

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I need a recommendation for an all in one printer/scanner/fax. Here is what I'm looking for from this device:


1) Small and portable - I am going to start travelling here shortly as an RN, and want something smaller, lighter than the average 50lb monster I see in hospitals.


2) Ink ribbon - I don't use a printer for very much. The last one I had, the ink cartridges dried up sometime before I went to use it last. Ribbons are already dry, thus eliminating that problem.


3) All-in-one - The least amount of extra devices, the better. Printer/scanner/fax for all my needs in one unit.


4) Quality doesn't have to be picture perfect, but want it to look professional as well. Monochrome is perfectly fine for me.


5) The device does not have to be wireless. I have USB ports to which to connect it.


6) Budget - ~$200 bones


7) Color doesn't matter as long as it does the job.


8) Would like to go with a style of laser printer (see 2 and 4).


I will NOT buy another Dell all-on-one printer. That was my last one, and the experience with it was constant problems. Other brands I've heard of are lexmark, brother, HP, Kodak. I would really like to hear from someone that has found what I'm looking for, or has a recent purchase within the last year of something comparable.

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We can get brother laser printers here in aus on sale for sub $100, fax functions (sometimes depends on the sale of which model), scanning and high quality fast B&W printing (couloir laser printers are up around $300 while these ones on sale drop under $100 from time to time ocassionally with fax too).


If you are buying in the states I am willing to bet you may get lucky and even find a colour laser printer for the $200 mark.

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