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Seems like a great site

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This is seriously one of the best communities on the internet, relax and enjoy!





very true

I haven't been here long...but already I know it is one of the best(if not the best) forum I ever been on!!


just great..and welcome to OCC



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One thing that I think you will notice is that you wont feel outcasted. I've always been a jock first, geek second. So when I came on here asking questions I prepared myself for that "Really? Your going to ask a dumb question like that" or when I posted my rig stats I thought I may get a "Thats ok, mines way better". Geeks definately get a bad rap. I've always had friends of all types, but this is the first community that I've been a part of that is made up primarily of other geeks (and obviously I use that as a term of endearment), so I was going off of the stereotype that geeks make fun of those that arent as smart as them. Which I have come to find out is completely wrong. I should know better because most of us jocks get a bad rap too. There are the stereotypical jocks that treat all non-athletic people like crap, but most of us are normal people.


Ok, back to the topic, sorry. I'm just trying to say, dont worry about asking something that you think is a stupid question. You will be treated as family here. I'm part of an American Football torrent sharing site, and I love it, but its definately a little more "stuffy" if you know what I mean over there.


Hope you get what I mean...haha



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