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Benchmarking with my SSD

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I bought a new SSD last week (yeah the OCZ Agility 3 on shellshocker sale). I couldn't pass the deal up. Anyway, I installed my Windows 7 and system drivers, anitivirus software, and steam and my 2 favorite games. All of my other files and lesser programs are on my sturdy WD Caviar black. The manufacturer as well as other sources suggest that I do not benchmark with my SSD. I understand cutting back on the number of writes and re-writes but I have some questions.


1. Does it matter which drive I install the benchmark software on? For example I installed PCMark 07 on the WD hard drive and ran it. My scores basically doubled with the SSD installed running the OS. I'm not going to do this, but would it improve results to put the bench on the SSD?


2. Some sites say just don't overdo it. What would that be? How often could you benchmark your pc without fear of corrupting your data, clogging up the SSD so that TRIM can't keep up?


3. Are there any other issues I should be concerned about using my SSD drive regarding overclocking and benchmarking?

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