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Anyone need a C2D E6550?

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Have a Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz lying around. Came out of an OEM Gateway (has never been OCed) I got as payment for some freelance work, but I'm just looking to make some cash off it. Searched on Google and it sells for around $80, so I could do $40 shipped. Item is located in AZ and will be shipped via UPS.


I have only bought a handful of items off here, but have been on here since what, like 2004? I'm not out to screw anyone over, so if you really want some vouches I can dig up about 500 from the Honda/Acura world lol


Best way to reach me is via PM on OCC.


Markings on the chip:

Intel '05 E6550

Intel Core 2 Duo

SLA9X Costa Rica




Pic is attached :D


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