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POST Hang up and Motherboard Direction

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Hey all.

Have been experiencing system crash (freeze) with the display hanging. No forced to reboot occurs until I tap the button.

Mem test 86 is going to be on in a few moments and I will edit the post if that changes things.



The oddest thing is that the POST seems to hang after restarting from a freeze. This is before a "press delete for setup or f8 for boot menu" even appears, it will hang.

The ram check and peripheral check goes through, but it doesn't skip over to the RAID check (none installed, just states that its checking), and doesn't boot into windows. ( normally ~4 seconds to the point where it begins to load windows).

It will also combination, and complete the post, but hang on black screen, only to eventually load raid check and then freeze indefinitely (aka 10 min and I kicked it off)


After leaving the system powered off and leaving it for 5 minutes, it seems to boot without issue aside from safe mode prompts.


My main culprits here are 1) The relatively old motherboard 2) the RAM (test pending) 3) Hard drive [ RIG IN SIG]

Powersupply is less than a year old and of good brand name. Videocard just got back from RMA, I figure they are non-issue.




The other purpose of the post however is to ask what motherboard I would step upto.


I plan to keep the the Phenom II x4 (to keep costs low) &

I have a GTX 460 I plan to SLI to boost performance once the games become more demanding.



What board (if any) will do AM2+ and carry me into the future of AM3? Mid level price points please.



Thanks in advance.

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