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Upgrading My Rig

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I plan on ugprading to a Sandy Bridge set-up by march (probably last week, since I plan on buying them using a credit card), and even though that Ivybridge is just right around the corner, I really do not see any reason why I should wait for it nor buy it. For now, I'm eyeing an upgrade that costs more or less about $500 and one that would also last me for many years (two, three, four perhaps?). No GPUs please, I already have a 6950 (Flashed to 6970) which is more than enough for my gaming needs. Also, you can use newegg prices to help me. I'll just add about 10% to the new-egg price since parts here are slightly more expensive.


I was planning on building something like this:


Mobo: Asus P8Z68-M PRO

CPU: i5-2500K

RAM: 8GB(2x4GB) G.Skill RipjawsX Red DDR3 1600 CL9


Now, I suppose that is a pretty good build. I was going to go with it. It would cost me less than $500 to go with this build and I would have an extra money to buy other things.


Then, the other day when I was passing by the ASUS store here, I saw that they were offering a package deal for this build:


Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z

Intel Core i7 2600k

WD 2TB Caviar Black

Intel 80GB SSD


It sells for $1200 straight cash and if I were to ask my mom to use her credit card for me and get it on a 12-month Instalment Payment Scheme, I'd be paying about $110 for it or about P4,400 here. Plus, I'd need to spend about $50 more for 8GB worth of ram.


I am wondering, in the long term, which set-up would last me for about four years at most?


NOTE: I plan on overclocking once I get the time and money.

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i would not buy a harddrive right now, you can always upgrade that later. buying a 120gb ssd without the package deal could be as little as 130$


so you initial build with a ssd should be around 600$ which is half of the 2600K build, and the performance difference between 2500k and 2600k is really not worth 600$ (they cost 100$ more than 2500K)


Have you told us the prices correctly or is it obviously overpriced?

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I always reccomend the 2500K over the 2600K simply cause the extra $100 can actually be used for other significant parts like SSD or better boards, and a simple OC an cover up the difference.

Since you're using a mATX board, I guess you're not interested in Xfire then? Those mATX would limit airflow if both PCI-E slots are filled.

As for which you should choose, you'd need to ask youreself these questions:


-Will You need the HyperThreading of 2600K? (Do you use your PC for things such as serious Video Encoding?)

-Do You really need the 2TB Drive?

-Do You think that 80GB of SSD is enough? And are you satisfied with a SATA II SSD when the board could benefit from SATA III?


If it's a yes, then choose the 2600K package deal. If not, it's better to build a 2500K rig instead. Both would last for the next 4 years... (You can always swap the CPU with IB if needed)

Also, I'd take the Maximus IV Gene-Z over the P8Z68-M Pro since it offers better OC potential.


And Yes, medbor's correct. $1200 is seriously overpriced

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Overpiced as it is, that's the price of those parts here. Not exactly $1200, but around $1140. Still, that's a whole lot more expensive compared to prices in newegg and that's the prices I have to actually put up with. :(


So, based on the two posts, I should really go with my original plan, which I was actually hoping for since I wanted to save money


Just a follow-up question, is there a lot of difference between the i5-2500K and the i5-2400? Let's put in a situation wherein the user does not really overclock much or is not an avid fan of overclocking.


NOTE: If I don't go with the i7-2600K bundle, I don't really intend on going with a SSD. It's too expensive around here.

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the i5 2400 is almost exactly as fast as a 2500k if you are not counting overclocking. BUT even on the stock cooler you should be able to reach 4GHz on a 2500K so not counting overclocking would be weird...

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This is probably the only thing that I can link online. Other vendors don't have websites.





Plus, the actual prices in my area are 8% higher than what is stated in the PDF since its prices are based in Manila and that's very far away from where I live.




Added another site. http://pcx.com.ph/ I'm not going to buy there since it's far away but the prices are the same.

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