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XtremeDS CM 690 II AMD build

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Yes, 0,06v. :P


I don't know if I can activate each core individually. In the core unlocker there is only enable and disable and the other option, which I don't know the name now, can only deactivate the 2nd core. :-/


I need to see better what I can do. I am still learning what this board does bring. Yesterday I was trying the fan xpert to control the speed of fans, for example. I did lower the speed of the chassis fans and keep the idle temperature. :D


This ROG does bring MUCH more features than my old board so I don't know how to really use each extra. :D

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After some testing and understanding how this new board works, I could finally understand how to give more voltage and unlock the cores better.

Yesterday, I was only giveing 0,6v to the CPU. thats the reason it didn't even post :pfp:


So this time I unlocked the 4 cores and give it really 1,36v. The windows started to load... and crashed. :P

Tried a bit less voltage (1,34v and 1,35v) and 1,15v to NB and it did the same thing.

I did go back to the Bios, disabled the 4th core, and it did still crash when the windows was loading.


Then I tried to disable the 3rd core and it did start windows and I even did about a 30 minutes without errors in Prime 95 in 3 threads using about 1,296v in CPU and 1,10v to NB... but that is what the sensors says.

Those voltages aren't really correct because I set different values:


Will I need to use the probeIT extra feature with the multimeter to know the precise value? :P


Here is how is the cores:



I am trying now in auto voltage, and in the hardware monitor is saying 1,284v in CPU and 1,111v NB.



In the ROG CPU-Z, say I have a X4 B45 with 3 cores: :P



At the same time, I did try the screenshot in the Bios feature, and it works really well but you have to connect a USB Pen for it to work, since you have to save the file in the Pen. :P


It is still doing the Prime95 with auto voltages for about 20 minutes. I going to dinner and maybe later try a SuperPi v1.5 1M test. :D


Edit: Here is the SuperPI v1.5 test:



A second faster in at 3.0 GHz.

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I could take some photos of my old PC case:




It does have a 120 mm at the back:


I will be using this case to build a new (very old) Pentium III to do some tests and benhcmark (or at least try). If it proves worth, maybe I will do another thread about it, or use this one, I don't know.


About my normal PC, I tried today the auto-tuning of the Crosshair V but it didn't like my CPU. I think that it doesn't like the locked multiplier, so it did only a 5% overclock to 3150 MHz and the ram to almost 1700 MHz.


Edit: Its a Pentium III 550 Katmai and its working on Windows 2000. :thumbsup:

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Overclocking mode ON!


I am going right now at 3.6 GHz and 1.43v, with the vdrop at 1.38v, doing a prime without great problems right now. Its not been easy, since I had to underclock the ram at the begining and now I had to give more voltage than I was predicting. :P

The temperature is about 47º and it will probably shutdown at around 62º, since that is the temperature my father's X2 550 BE crashes at. :P


I won't do much more today (its almost 2 am) and this is a "Sweet spot" since it has the ram at 1600 MHz too.


I will probably need to install a second 120mm fan at my CPU cooler tomorrow. ;)


Edit: 3.7 GHz is as far as I will dare to go now. I will probably need to exceed the 1.5v to go for 3.8 GHz and its too much. I am doing right now a longer prime95 to have sure that this 3.7 is safe, even if I am going to use 3.6 later.


I will post some benchmarks later with the results at 3.7 GHz and go for the 2 cores, where I am not going to be satisfied until I surpass the 4 GHz. :P

One more thing I must say. I find this board much harder to overclock than my old one. And prime shutdown my PC when it isn't stable. :P

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After so much work around it... I still didn't surpass the 4 GHz in X2 mode. In fact, it has been a trouble to only get to 3.9 GHz, which I still didn't achieve. :-/

I did lower the ram frequency, give more voltage to CPU, more voltage to CPU/NB, NB, give LLC, give CPU overcurrent protection, turn on the CPU Spread... and nothing. :(

Since I have a locked multiplier, things are a bit harder to overclock. The NB frequency and HT frequency has been at around 2 GHz, so I think that I shouldn't change that voltages too.


What I did moments ago was change the PSU connectors. This board has a 8 pin connector and a 4 pin connector. I had half the 8 pin connector and the other 4 pin connected. So I read a bit and decided to connect to the 8-pin connector and leave the other. I read too that that 4-pin connector is only really needed to OC the Buldozer, which I don't have.... :P


So I am right now at 3838 MHz and until now, doing a prime95 without problems. :P


Here are some of the benchmarks I did in X3 mode.





PCMark Vantage:






The PCMark and the UCBench gave me a gold trophy for being first with a 545 and the Wprime gave me a medal. :D

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After about one or two days trying to achieve 3.9 GHz in X2 mode, I quited. I tried everything and it did still give me page-fault error. I even did lower the multiplier to see if it would have any BSOD and it didn't. I could after that take the FSB higher with a lower multiplier, but I don't have a real reason for that. My Ram is not that overclockable. :P


So I turned to the X3 mode, which I know I still have about 150~200 MHz to go... but I don't have enough cooling for that :P


I know that at 3.7 GHz, I would probably hit the 60º in the sensor and crash with one fan. I never let it did crash but in my father's 550 BE with a Crosshair III, it would shutdown at 62º. So my 545 shouldn't be that diferent. :P


However... I installed another 120mm fan in the CPU Cooler:



It did lower my 3.6 GHz max temperature from 49º to a maximum of 46º without the Chassis fans at the maximum (Edit: I could only notice it moments ago :P ), but it does take a while to hit that temperature, considering it really starts to slow down around 43º. At the maximum, maybe I can lower it to 43º. :D

I still have to test at 3.7 GHz with prime95 to see the max temperature. After I can find a "stable" max temperature, I can tweak a bit the Vcore to try to lower a bit more the max temperature. :D


Here is screenshot with prime95 at 3.6 GHz:


I think that only the front and back fan are connected to chassis fan. My top 120mm fan may be connected to a opt_fan, so it is already at maximum. :P


Here is the screenshot at 3.7 GHz:


50º at prime95 isn't that bad. It was 1.44v at 51º, so I lowered to 1.42v and it did stay at 50º. :D


Edit: My monitor went to RMA... AGAIN! :pfp:


This time it didn't show up the Bios and stuff like that... :pfp:


So most probably, I will get a new monitor. :P

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Still no news of the monitor. :-/


However, I have other news:


CPU-Z Validation


Going for a higher clock. :D


If I can make ir stable, I will probably go for another wave of benchmarks and help even more the OCC in HWBot. :D

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FINALLY! After a few months of my Samsung going for RMA for a couple of times (4 times!), the shop decided to give me a new monitor: :biggrin:



Sorry for the quality. :P

Its an Asus VE247H. Until now, no problems with it. :P


Edit: Well, it has a really small problem. I think that it has a dead pixel, since it stays blue in darker colors. I will be talking to them at Thurday and see what can be done. :P

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Here comes two small updates I did this last two weeks.


First of all, I did get an adapter from a molex to a 4-pin to connect to the extra 4-pin from the Rog. I must say that the board became more stable. It doesn't show so much warnings of unstable voltage as it usually did and the overclocks seems more "stable. I can almost achieve the 3.8 GHz, but after 10 minutes of Prime95 and at 55º, it simply crashes with a black screen. I think it could be the temperature, I am not sure.


Another mod I did was this one.








Not much cable going around, I did try with two top fans like in the photo but I did change back to one exhaust and top fans couple minutes ago and at the same time, I did lower the front fan hopping to get fresher air to the board.

Sorry for the dust. :P

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New material: :D


I know it really does look like a pink fan and I was afraid of it being pink, even if in the box it says dark red... but it is a RED. :lol:


My new mousepad: Ozone Ground Level S





How does look like the pink... ups, I mean, red fan: :P


At least is red after all. :lol:


How it does look inside now:



In a few weeks, I hope to have some more news. ;)

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thats pretty sweet set up :)


Thanks. :D


I got yesterday my new speakers, a Logitech Z506 and it was an huge improvement comparing to my old speakers with more than 10 years. :D


Maybe I'll post images later. ;)

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