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Do you pirate movies/music/software?


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  1. 1. Do you pirate... (vote for each that applies)

    • Music
    • Movies/TV
    • Software
    • None, I do not pirate

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Crap, I didn't notice the music part..... But I guess I don't do that anymore either. It's way too convenient to download something I like on my Galaxy SII, no need to pirate music these days.

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Are you a stripper boss ? Because I dont see any poles here , only a poll :P





Exactly. I used to pirate. But I don't anymore


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I have, on occasion, pirated a movie but never a game. Game prices are reasonable where movie prices are absolutely not. It's not bad enough that theater movie prices have trebled in the last 5 years but the movie producers want you to shell out $40 for a DVD or Blu-ray. Talk about highway robbery!!! It's no wonder the public has stopped going to the movies. Couple pricing with the fact that here in the U.S. the congress is considering passing a law which supposedly is to outlaw piracy when in reality is a shot at controlling all Internet content, bandwidth and customer access, and, you have a gov't attempt to control us all.


All done - this is my political rant of the day.

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I'll skim past the arguing. I misread and voted for all four; I used to pirate all three. Nowadays, I don't have time for most games, and if there's one I want bad, I'll save up for a few weeks or wait for it to go on sale. Ironically enough, pirating music actually gave the music industry more of my money. Downloading random songs found me new bands, whose albums I usually buy on Amazon MP3 for the sake of it being DRM free. I refuse to use iTunes for my own immature reasons.


Movies are a bit of a different story. I used to download them, then realized that most movies nowadays suck, and will rent instead to support local businesses around me and the people who run them, because I'm a red blooded American. /me cues God Bless America and salutes as the image fades to pictures of American flags flying

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I wonder since i have heard youtube be mentioned a bunch of times now, if anyone is putting into the equation that ANY copyrighted material that is not exactly distrubted from a authorized user is piracy. Downloading youtube videos is the same thing, except the copyrighted material even from the owners account/channel cant be downloaded unless offered by the owner of the copyrighted material as "free"


copytrap's are tricky, in making people think they aren't violating laws because the program can be used for just fine legal purposes, but its ability to infringe on rights is insane easier to do without knowing

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