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  1. 1. My primary system is based on a CPU by...

    • AMD
    • Intel

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As much as I would like to point out the pros and cons of your arguments, this thread is not the place for them. Please, do not get a war going in this thread. You've got a whole forum you can do that in, and there are already threads dedicated to the discussion, but this is not one of them.

I doubt ComputerEd or anyone would complain if you choose to post a link to whatever thread the discussion continues in, so others may join in, if they wish. However, we would all appreciate it if the post in this thread is completely neutral and simply contained the link.

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Just bought a cheap laptop with the AMD APU in it. Even though it is a quad core and can turbo up to 2.2 ghz, there is a definite lag when opening up applications. I exchanged it for the exact same model and price except with an i3 and it works beautifully. Intel all the way.

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You can start a new thread or resurrect an old one like these:

Bulldozer Reviewed

Bulldozer & Ivy-bridge

Most people would probably prefer a new thread is started, just because not everyone likes old threads coming back.



thanks for the links. :)

I may start a new thread for discussing 'why'. :rolleyes:

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