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My new dell IPS screens

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I use Display Fusion Pro for multi screen extra stuff like extra window controls (move to left of screen, move to right of screen, move window to left monitor, move window to right monitor) and multi-screen taskbar with corresponding task bar items (per monitor applications)


Some people prefer UltraMon... there are others


I use to use DFP too. Just don't like how it deals with Windows 7 task bar items. On the second screen they don't behave like they do on the primary. (Cant pin items etc)

Changed to using Actual Multiple Monitors. MUCH better for Windows 7. Task bar items work almost exactly the same on the secondary screens as on the home screen. IE, you can pin items to the taskbar, and have jump lists. Only down side, you cant have as many title bar buttons as with DFP.

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well i got in contact will dell support, they are sending me a new screen and it should arrive tomorrow (according to them)


heres hoping it fixes the issue, because it was bugging me a fair bit

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