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2011 OCC Christmas Contest

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out of topic: i thought it's just our post office which is full of rotten apples :unsure:

My benchtable arrived in Germany, so Canada really shouldn't be a problem lol.

Haha, fingers crossed then.

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As I said before don't expect things to start arriving until the end of Jan even into Feb. Chinese new year is in a few days and a lot of people just back from CES so just hang in there.


Understood boss, no worries. :)


Unless of course my package ships after I move in late February, then I'll worry, lol. :P

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So I finally found the time to take photos and install the massive NH-D14. This was quite possibly the easiest heat sink I've installed, which is surprising given the size of the thing. On top of that, it's dropped my temps a good 5 degrees at idle vs my hyper 212+. Haven't tested load temperatures yet. Here I come, overclocked 2500K!





Such outstanding packaging for a simple mounting kit! I received a mounting kit from Corsair a while back, and it was nothing like this.




Finished build. The thing looks massive in my case. Can you tell there's a sound card sandwiched between the heat sink and my graphics card? :P

Might I add - this whole package came with 3 (!!) tubes of thermal compound total. 2 from Noctua and one from Coolink. It's gonna take me years to use all of that!




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