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2011 OCC Christmas Contest

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lol here's a small picture gallery for Mr. Bosco. Sorry for the picture quality, the only thing I have to take pics with is my phone. It seems it isnt so wonderful at indoor pics. Oh, and this will be COMPLETE 56k death.


Starting with the PSU box. XFX sure knows how to make an attractive package.




The reverse side of the box




Cables. From left to right: Molex to dual 4 pin Floppy, Three SATA power cables with 3 connectors per cable, 8 pin CPU power, two Molex cables( left one has 2 connectors, right one has 3), and three PCI-E power cables, with TWO 6 + 2 pin connectors PER CABLE. Ive already used a 4 + 4 pin cpu power cable, the 20 + 4 pin mobo cable, a SATA power cable, molex cable, and one of the four PCI-E cables. Talk about connectivity. I could easily power 3 more 6970's with this beast.




Pic of the psu after being installed.




And a pic of the available slots. That equates to six 8 pin PCI-E connectors, five more molex, 9 more Sata, another 8 pin cpu cable, and 2 floppy cables (whoever uses floppy anymore :P)




And a size comparison of my old mouse pad vs the War Pad. Its almost TOO big :wacko: But I absolutely LOVE the edgeless support feature. No more imprints in my forearm from the desk edge.




If you need any more pics lemme know :P

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So I actually won something!!!! I honestly didn't think I would win!


anyways this is what I found on my doorstep today, I had no idea I had won or what it was so it was very exciting!






The only downside is my entire build is with blue accents, so it doesn't match the computer at all...so I will be hopefully building my wife a computer soon and using this, although it will no doubt be overkill for the build I will do for her...I would trade this for a blue set in a heartbeat but this bad boy was free so I can't be picky! :D


Thanks OCC and our sponsors!! I haven't been a member for too long but this site is definitely one of the best I have been a part of! :)


Tony C

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ahhh now you have me getting excited! That was until I looked at the address I submitted and it was my parents house 6 hours away because I hate packages sitting outside of my apartment.

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I'm waiting for my stuff Dave, then pictures can be posted of the package, so impatient, lol. :lol:


In all reality, it probably will not fit in my slim tower, so I'll sell it to the community for a great price. No harm in that. :)

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