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2011 OCC Christmas Contest

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OCC rocks!


^ +1


Thanks so much for the Patriot x79 memory! Happy 2012 everyone.






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WOOT WOOT!!! :whoa: :whoa:


I have, for the first time in kingdingeling's history, actually won something! :woo:


Looking forward to welcome that BenchTable in Germany! :thumbsup:


I've been looking at getting one, a little expensive but some good reviews. Let us know what you think about it?

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Just quoting Bosco here so those that haven't figured out they won something won't have to dig to find it.


Final Tally:


Grand Prize- Samursus


Intel I7 965 Extreme (Supplied By Bosco)

Asus P6 X58-E WS (Supplied By Asus)

Corsair Dominator GT 12GB 2000Mhz with Cooling Fan. (Supplied By Corsair)

GTX 570 (Supplied By Nvidia and Zotac)

3TB Seagate Harddrive (Supplied By Seagate)

LG DVDRW (Supplied By Bosco)

Corsair 600T Black (Supplied By Corsair)

Corsair H100 Cooler (Supplied By Corsair)

Corsair TX750 Watt PSU (Supplied By Corsair)

Vengeance 1500 Headset (Supplied By Corsair)



Here is the break down for the other prizes:




2 X Performance Pro 128 SSD's - t0asty, ekiM

2 X 1050HX PSU's - FUZi0N, GSG-9

4 X Vengeance 1500 Headsets - PopcornMachine, jeffkz, mesh, =CDU=Above

5 X 8GB Vengeance Memory Kits (CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9R) - f!ver, Ryu Hayabusa, Savan, l1o2l, Shadowtroop




Level 10 GT Case - nickosha

Challenger Pro Keyboard - CheeseMan42

BlacX5G - Munkypoo7

Black Gaming Mouse - 90sgamer

Shock One Headset - Spl_181




5850 Xtreme Video Card - baz000ka j0e

Pure A75 Motherboard - LovermanOwens

MiniPC HD2 - dlan1000




240GB Chronos Deluxe SSD - Feira




120GB SSD Bundle - kuri - HoLoDreaM




16GB Ripjaws 9-10-9-28 1.5V - RogerDeath




120GB Pyro SSD - Stachman31

16GB X79 Viper Xtreme Division 4 Kit - wevsspot




Z68AP-D3 Motherboard - Bizzlenitch

A75M-UD2H Motherboard - Feetfats




1250 Watt PSU and War Pad Mouse - AddictedGamer93




HCG900 PSU - maestr0

KUHLER H20 620 Cooler - Queenz




NotePal 2 - freakinweasel

Spawn Mouse - Krieg1337

V6GT Cooler - funkindrago

Elite 370 With 400W PSU - evilneil




1 x Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler + LGA2011 Mounting Kit and two x sets of thermal paste - aaron6581230

5 X NF-F12 PWM and 2 X sets of thermalpaste - Danner

5 x Noctua NF-S12B FLX 120mm fan and 2 X sets of thermal paste - Manduh

1 x Coolink LapChilla laptop cooler and 2 X sets of thermalpaste - Aniyn

5 x Coolink SWiF2 120P 120mm PWM fan and 2 X sets of of thermal paste - Thumbs





GTX 550Ti Video Card - doopypeanut




Tempest 410 Case - Deathmineral

HAVIK 140 Cooler - gebraset




Bench table Hard v2.5 graphite black - kingdingeling




Toledo 301 Case - nanoprobe




Dracula VGA heatsink 9 with 4 UF120 Fans - LuckyDeath

Assassin CPU Cooler - NuComer




Outlaw Case and 4 X 30cm LED Strips Red and Green - Darth_Tom




3 X Yapster Blaster Headset with XjacKer Amplifier - capthowdy575, papajohn, Zackhaf




CS1792 USB/HDMI KVMP Switch - johneric




3 X SLI Mod VGA Coolers and 3 T-Shirts - j2t, Tazman167, Jack_of_java

6 X Graphic Protectors (Prevents Surging) - Bubbaxm2, xstayxtruex, kikicoco1334, Slick2500, geek33, neko77025




1 X PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler and 1 X PH-F140TS Fan - road-runner, NerdGoneWild, Desires, Vishandar


Ozone Gaming


Onda HX headset compatible with PC & Xbox/PS3 - ASPEVACEK

Groundlevel XT Mouse Pad and Radon 5K – Gaming Mouse 5600 DPI - Potatochobit

Gaming Backpack - muskie


As for how soon you will get everything, expect things after the 2nd week of Jan maybe even into Feb.


Congrats to all the winners

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Thanks a lot for the prize! Tried out one of the fans, theyre not quiet, but they move a lot of air. Probably wouldnt be able to hear it over the GPU anyway. Once I have another half week off Im going to have to try the thermal paste and see if I can record a difference.


Again, thanks, and congrats to all the other winners.

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PSU and War Pad arrived yesterday. All is running well, voltage is MUCH better than my old psu. And the War Pad is HUGE. I barely have room left for my keyboard now lol.


Thanks again to OCC and sponsors.

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