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New Battlefield 3 server

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Hey all,


Just posting here cause we started a new Battlefield 3 server and wanted to get people in it to start playing. Here is a little about it.


The server name is Death Dealers - NFO servers - Hardcore Mixed Rush/Conquest.


It has a player limit of 32 peeps and admins are usually always on. It also has hardcore mode enabled on the default settings.


It is ranked and has Punkbuster enabled.


The server rules are:


No Base Rape/Spawn Camping - No Chat Spam

No Intentional TeamKilling - No Hacking/Cheating/Exploiting

Admin Reserves Right to Kick/Ban Players At Their Own Discretion


We use NFO servers (Nuclear Fallout Online) which are regarded as one of the top industry leading server providers. It is based out of Chicago and should have awesome ping for all.


We play all maps and have a sweet rotation. We have it set up so that it will alternate rush and conquest maps so one mode doesn't get boring, however we have it so rush maps will be played in two rounds so the opposing team has the opportunity to attack/defend. We also have it so that all maps will have equal opportunity to be played on rush and conquest modes.


Looking for players to help populate, as that seems to be the hardest part of setting up a new server.


Thanks and we look forward to playing with you all!

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Added as favorite. Love that it's in Chicago (i live in the midwest) so pings should be great. :cheers:


See you on the battlefield


edit: ehhh, it's a hardcore and 32 player only server. Unfortunately I don't play hardcore. oh and you should post this in the Battlefield 3 thread

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wont see me there I go for the 64 player maps as i like more people to shoot at :P



Plenty of people to kill with 32 players :thumbsup: without the cluster **** that you get with 64 players.

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