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Signs your PSU is going bad ?

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My rig went dead, then would restart. I figured this was like the old days, when someone's gpu overtaxed one of the psu's rails, causing the overcurrent protector on my Antec to kick in. Since I knew I could no live without a psu and since Newegg had a sale on, I bought a Seasonic X-650, then when it came I RMA'd the Antec TPN-750 (which is also a Seasonic build). Well, the blackouts never repeated with the new psu, despite its being 100W less. And when Antec sent me a new TPN-750 I tried that -- no blackouts.


So, for me, my psu showed it was going bad by blacking out. Everything went dark -- no fans, no LED's, etc. YMMV.

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