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Why I see some videos this way?

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Hello all,




I have, lets say a movie of 640x480.. when I play it windowed looks ok.

If i double click or try to reproduce on my 32" 1080p tv looks like this... (ugly black frame around)

It happened before but I want to know what is technically wrong and how to solve it...








I cant play it properly on TV, cannot on Windows media player, only in VLC if i force aspect ratio to 16:9

I tried resizing it with FormatFactory... but I wasn't sucessful. Perhaps I need to change the aspec ratio of the video?




Thanks in advance.

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This should work:

  • Right click video
  • Click 'Video Frame'
  • Then Select 'Touch Window From Inside'




Actually now that I re-read your thread it seems that maybe the video has the bars permanently encoded into it?




Is it all videos or just this one?

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Is that video. And others too but not all.


Lets say. I use to download series from internet. For example, The Walking Dead. It doesn't play on Argentina so I have to download it.


Suposse that I download on 720p and I want to reduce it to half size. If I do that then the result will show like that movie. With the black frames around.

I was expecting that if I reduce the size it will "reduce the size and pixelate more when I maximize (full screen)". Instead, it shows a little bit bigger size and then it fills the screen with black frames.

Same on VLC, Windows Media Player and my LCD TV.


The other day my friend passed me some movies. All of them were ok but when I maximize then the ..... annoying .... black frames appears.


I guess someone transformed / resized / ripped the movie incorrectly not keeping aspect-ratio or something and there is no way to solve it.


The only way to see full <-> (horizontal size) on computer is use 16:9 aspect ratio on VLC but it is very <-> and faces are very fat since the vertical size remains the same.

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Well i'm at work.


Just tried here.

Here I have a 1280x1024 (not wide) monitor and it looks perfectly. I only have a black bar up and down just like in the cinema.

So the problem comes with a Wide TV or monitors (all are wide nowdays)...


I'd like to "fix" the movie file. Since all the advices you are giving me (and im very thankful btw) cannot be done with TV :P

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