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LGA2011 or Water


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One thing that is a current issue with ek is the nickle plating on their blocks. I agree it looks awesome but at the cost of flakes blocking waterblocks and corrosion no thanks.


Other than that ek brilliant brand.


Swiftech brilliant pumps.


Xspc great for their rasa kits and also their rx series rads. Which I am using in my next build. They are however very chunky rads but with 8fpi they will do amazingly with low rmp gentle typhoons and a swiftech pump.


If your willing to spend that $500 I an sure we can design something for you.

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Didn't know that about the EK blocks, i was looking at the copper acetal ones (even with the crack that can occur)


I havent been able to study up much lately, on what going on in the computer world, since im an out door contractor and i am now just able to start

looking at the new stuff and the failures.


and yes i might as well start my wc build and go with the x79


and try and put my theory into pratical


If you guys want, i can give you where i want end up with my final product for water cooling. And my upgrade path.


I mostly want to do this , for the fun of the build and well gaming of course

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Hey Ollie and welcome to OCC!


I know the title of this thread says LGA2011 or Water, but IMHO the performance gains you will see with either of these upgrades will not be worth the large amount of money spent on them. $2000 will buy you a fantastic computer nowadays, but it still will not be that much better than what you already have. With a nicely overclocked 920 and two GTX480s I'm sure you are able to play games on very high resolutions and still not see any stuttering. I would save your money and wait at least until the next iteration of chipsets becomes available. Then you could use that money to buy a brand new rig with screaming parts and water cooling :cool2:


However, if you must upgrade now you should definitely build yourself a nice LGA2011 platform. That would be the best performance gain you could ask for, plus you would be able to put it under water later if you wanted.


In response to your power supply question, it is a Corsair - it should last much longer than 4-5 years ;)



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