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A great basic guide to Anno 2070 has been made, its not the best but since there is so little about the advanced functions/gameplay i figured it could help someone at least :)



ty goes to mr.cheesey for this one




Two very important basics in this game


1. Population class~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Each population class has corresponding new buildings.

In order to reach a new population class, you must satisfy the needs of current class.


This can be seen by clicking on a house. It will display in the bottom right.


The needs bar will fill up and go down accordingly.


2. Building Materials~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Shortkeys: Roads=S Buildmenu=B Delete=Del Deletehammer=V CopyBuilding=N RotateBuild=, .)


Materials are needed for

1. Building buildings

2. Upgrading your house class (OR if ascension rights are on, letting your population upgrade their houses themselves)

3. Building ships


The first you will need are

- Building modules


Then you will need

- Building tools


I recommend making quarries and crushers at the start. Then fisheries, Teafarms/Breweries, Casino/Opera to meet worker needs. Then when you get your first "Employee Class" start making tools.


You will be short of tools at the start, so order them at your ark.











(Extra Useful Shortkeys:

Speed up time = + on numlock

Go to ARK = A

Go to ship = Q)





If a building is greyed out in your construction menu, you can hover your mouse over it and it will tell you what you need to unlock it.



Can't find your quest objective? Try hovering your mouse over the quest icon in the left hand side. Usually a flashing cross will appear in the mini-map with it's location (sometimes the delivery point after completion - so read carefully)!





Land Ahoy!

To occupy a new island, load 2 modules and 2 tools onto your ship and move close to the coast, a warehouse flashing icon will appear on the bottom right if you're close enough.

















3. Warehouses and stock (Shortkey = K)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


A. Warehouses expand your building area, so intuitively you wanna spread out your buildings right?

B. BUT, you should make your production sites packed in with the warehouse (1-2 squares away from a warehouse)

C. REMEMBER, transport distance matters . E.g. Your smelters need granules, the crushers make granules. Build one square road between crusher and smelter to speed up transportation of goods.


A. Warehouses storage is the same for the whole island.

B. This means, if you build a warehouse with a coal mine and store coal there, it will be in ALL warehouses for that island.

C. SO you can build an coal mine with warehouse on the right side of island. And hundreds of metres/miles away build another warehouse and it will have that iron ore in storage instantly.

But you say - "There's no road inbetween the two warehouses greenCHEESE!"

D. ALL Warehouse storage is the same for the whole island. ALL island storage is magically available to all warehouses, so long as it is in one of your warehouses. Who knows? By 2070, they might have invented teleportation - dunno what the ships are for though... or why you need roads between warehouses and production facilities.


A.You need workerdrones from the warehouse to (1) take granules to smelter (2) store modules in warehouse- so connect your warehouse to the crusher and smelter with road. But try to minimise road distance as much as possible.


A. It's a good idea to press K and see what's in storage so you can adjust(del/stop/build) production buildings. If a goods is continually full or going up, it means you're overproducing. So watch your raw material and end product ratios (e.g. 1 crusher needs 1 smelter to operate 100%).

Tip: Press "K" and watch for the tiny green or red arrow that appears in the stock meter on the bottom right of your screen.

If the goods is continually empty or declining in number, you're underproducing, and will end up going to zero.

E.g. Watch your fish, at the start it will continually go up - that means your overproducing. I.e. your producing more than is consumed. When you build more houses it may stop at 26 - and not go up or down much - this is stable - your rate of production is equal to the rate of consumption by houses. Alternatively, it may be going down in number gradually - in which case, you are underproducing, what you are producing is less than the consumption rate in houses.

The same principle applies when you click a production building.

Note: production chains take a bit of time to reach equilibrium.


In this guide (Warehouses refers to Depositories AND Warehouses)


4. Production Chains~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Shortkeys: Rotate building is , OR .)


Tycoon flying star Modules production site


Tools production site


(Note: you could rotate that iron smelter and shorten the road length from 7 to 6 squares. To rotate, press , or .)


You should build 1 closed flying star modules production box at the start.

Illustrative Example: During employee class... you have mine sites around the map. For one of those available mine sites you should build 1 coal extractor, 1 iron mine, 1 iron smelter, 2 tools workshop packed in, with 1-3 square roads between. Try to make sure the iron mine and coal extractor are one square road from the iron smelter (smelter needs coal and iron). Then make sure the iron smelter and tools workshop are 1-2 road squares away (tools need one smelted iron). Then you need to store the made tools in the warehouse, so make the the tools workshop one square away from the warehouse. Altogether there should a straight 5-7 square road with all production chained in a sequence.

NOTE: Ecos do not have coal extractors, and need to build a coal mine. Since you rarely have two mine sites next to each other, you will need to use 2 separated mine sites.

Site A: build a coal mine site connected to an adjacent warehouse.

Site B: build 1 iron ore mine, 1 iron smelter, 2 tools workshop, and 1 warehouse packed together to form a chain. In this case, you will also need a warehouse 1 square of road away from the iron smelter (or at least connected by road), since this is where the coal is. Site A collects coal, puts in warehouse, and is teleported to the other warehouses instantly, so drone picks it out of the Site B warehouse puts it into smelter.)


The idea is to keep what the building needs one square away from the raw materials. And the warehouse 1 square away from the final product.

Note: some production sites will take a while to reach equilibrium.


ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS CONCEPT, the next step is to realise, your roads don't need to be linked up. For example, in the tools production site above, you could have one road square between the coal, iron and smelter (without linking it to the warehouse, then one road square to link your smelter to tools (which doesn't need to be connected to a warehouse), and one road square between the tools and warehouse. The area of influnce of a warehouse is all that is needed for the worker drone to spawn on a square of road and transport items through a production chain.



(minimising road distances, and utilising the warehouse's area of influence - where drones will spawn)

(if you're using one warehouse for lots of production chains, then you should connect the warehouse by road to your first docking bay, you will receive an extra drone. You can also upgrade it as you reach higher classes for more drones.)

(Note: You must get ratios right, since you cannot store the raw resources in your warehouse. Why? Because the only thing connected to your warehouse is the tools workshop. So if you happen to have surplus coal from that coal extractor, you cannot store it, because it isn't connect to the warehouse. The coal can only be transported from extractor to smelter.)





Demonstrating the warehouse worker drone spawn area. The worker drone takes coal from extractor to power station.

Power station moves up to 100%!

Note: Also demonstrates the production chain. Build it and watch until it reaches equilibrium. The 1 coal does not move up or down. That's because the power station is consuming coal at the same rate that the extractor is producing it. It only needs at least 1 coal continually in it to slowly move up and stay at 100%.

Note: The drone is sitting on one square of road.


Using this knowledge to modify the flying star module production site



(You will notice a big difference in production rates using this knowledge)

(Note: do not be alarmed if there is only 1 resource in a factory - so long as it is moving up to or running at 100%, and that 1 resource is not going up or down. This should be perfect. In fact, full can be a bad sign. The idea is to keep supply steady and streamlined, so if it's 1 resource it should stay 1, if it's at 3 it should stay 3, if it's full all the time - you might be overproducing the raw goods. The only thing you might want to see going up are final products.)

(Try building this design, after a while you should notice that the final product modules are full in your smelters! This is because you're producing them so fast! Your warehouse should be full of the stuff - why not build more stuff? Or sell them to an NPC? If you empty your warehouse, there's room for storing the final product. Maybe delete some to cut maintenance costs, it's your call.)


* The closed production site designs are good for bunny hopping the map and expanding build area. Especially across to mine sites where you will want to pack everything and use as less road distance as possible. However, if you don't need to build another production site, just build a warehouse, then another, and then build your packed production site at the mine across the map. Delete the warehouses you don't need after, they don't need to be connected by areas of influence.


Tip: Can't fit your production chain together in one road threads? Try using a warehouse instead. For example, to link a coal and iron ore mine up for a smelter, try placing a depot next to a coal mine with one road. Then at another mine site, iron ore with depot and smelter connected by one road. The depots will instantly teleport the goods to each other, and the workerdrones at the iron ore site will act like the coal mine is next to it by taking coal out of the depot.


* ADAPTATION: Sometimes you must ADAPT to the map. The production chain layout doesn't have to be neat like my examples. So long as the production chain is maintained by short road distance. You can also separate production chains by using warehouses/depots in substitute, so long as the chain is maintained in your design (remember, warehouses/depots teleport goods instantly to other warehouses/depots). Be creative, but keep to the production chain rules described earlier.


Note: a factory only needs 1 resources to gradually move to 100%, but when it's empty it slowly goes to 0%. Also note however, that chains take time to reach equilibrium, so don't be alarmed if it is near 0% at the start.


Eco Gallery

Eco Whirlpool Modules Production


Note: You can auto-build the farms after building the layout for quicker play. Farm distance does not matter in this game, but it does matter if you're trying to find room or space for them.


Eco Site A: Coal Mine x1



Eco Site B: Iron Mine x2


Note: Why did I build at the iron ore mine? Because 1 coal can support 2 iron ore mines.

Note: You could move that smelter up by one square and make it 1 square road to both tools workshops.




5. Island Layout~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



A. Your town centre and residences don't need to be connected to any production or warehouses

B. Your houses only need to be connected to the town centre by a road. This means they don't need to be connected to each other. Optimise space and residence area.


<Houses deleted to show road layout>

NOTE: If ascension rights are on (click town centre -in the overview (bottom-right) the little red house with tick or cross) - residences will automatically use up materials to upgrade. Turn ascension rights off if you'll need those materials to build other things (Especially tools). You can manually upgrade house buildings at any time (so long as needs are filled) by clicking the town centre and clicking the UP arrow in the population overview in the bottom right. This arrow only appears when people are "ready" to upgrade classes.

Tip: Just built all your module and tool production sites in employee class? But have 30 worker houses wanting to upgrade to the next class. Got loads of tools to do it? Click a house that wants to upgrade and press Shift+U, and it will upgrade as many as it can.

Tip: There's a class distribution cap (i.e. a limit on the % a particular class can occupy on your island population). I mean... without a lower class, who's going to take all the dirty jobs people don't want to do?

If you reach this cap, build more lower class residences to increase the population base, so more houses can develop to the next class.


6. Layout Ideas on Wikia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Wikia has some great pages where you can share your ideas, or view other designs.


German Forums with pictures


http://odegroot.nl/anno2070/production_buildings.php (Thank you Vilj4nen for forwarding this page)


1. What you should pay special attention to - is the number ratios for higher production facilities and production chains. Experiment a bit in-game. 1 crusher to 1 smelter, 3 oil drillers to 1 refinery, etc. Use the fast forward button.


2. Some examples require two fertilities, you will need to purchase a licence if you follow some of these designs (since your starting island pretty much never has all the required fertilities) OR you can occupy another island and trade between the two islands. This is a good idea especially for Tycoons, since you'll need a second island with good eco rating for farm production.

Try to shift the whole production chain for final product to another island if it has all the fertilities/minerals required.

Tip: to check fertilities/minerals on an island - check the top left under the island name - the fertility icons will display here - click double arrows to expand display for minerals and resources for that island.

Tip: You will normally need a vegetables fertility item on your main island - buy the vegetables fertility item for licences from an NPC.


3. Sometimes you must ADAPT to the map. The layout doesn't have to be neat like the wikia designs. You can separate production chains by using warehouses/depots in substitute, so long as the chain is maintained in your design (remember, warehouses/depots teleport goods instantly to other warehouses/depots). Be creative, but keep to the production chain rules described earlier.


7. Scouting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's a good idea to scout the map. Initially you'll want to order your goods from the ark and use your ship to transport it to your island. But after, scout for NPCs and try to buy tools and modules. If it's the same faction as you, it's a good idea to buy the concrete/wood as well.


Tip: Don't have a ship? You'll need to order one from your arc for 3,500 credits. Just click your ark and look for the flashing tab on the bottom right.


Tip: touch the edge of an island and the whole island will be revealed gradually.wa


Tip: Hold shift when moving around and create sequenced commands. Sequence them so you don't have to micro your ship, simply command it to go around the map whilst holding shift.



8. Trade + Strategic Map~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Shortkeys: AutoTradeMap/S.M. = F6, Unload ship items to bay = L)

Three ways to trade

1. Using your ship manually

2. Selling items from your warehouse - click your warehouse, select trade in the bottom right. NPC ships will come to your port periodically and buy items. The slider will set a minimum to keep in your warehouse. Anything amount above this can be bought by the NPC.

Tip: You will probably always have something to sell, so set up slots to sell (even if you're not overproducing now). Limit of four per island.


3. Strategic Map (F6)

Two reasons it is important to get used to this map interface.

A. You will set up trade routes to NPCs at the start of game to collect tools, modules and the third slot goods.

B. You will set up trade routes between your islands.

(The slider sets the cargo amount to be loaded/unloaded)


You can click things on the map to add them to the trade sequence, try clicking the faces and the ships to see what they do. Mess around with it.


You will need another island to supply luxury needs of the employee class and thus get to the engineer class

A. limit your trade exchange slots to available # of slots on your ship (They cannot load or unload if room is room is unavailable.)

B. The docks can overload, and stop your ship from unloading.

C. You can change routes between two islands by dragging the dot in the middle of the route line. (USEFUL for the F.A.T.H.E.R mission with the invincible ships - just drag the dot around NME patrol)

D. You can have multiple destinations on a trip.

E. To load more than one slot of the same goods, you need to enter the load action twice or more.

Tip: The order of the destinations on the right is the sequence of destinations the ship will follow - The first destination is the one it will go to first when you activate the trade route. D

Drag the destinations on the right up and over each other to change the command sequence order. For example, if you have modules on your ship already, set the first destination as your island and it will unload the modules before going to the Ark to buy more modules.










9. The Engineer classes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

NOTE: To check fertilities, hover over an island, fertilities are the small icons under the island name in the top left corner.

You can also expand this to show minerals and resource deposites.


1. Requires another island OR vegetable fertility item (vegetables fertility)

A. Each island will only have the rice fertility for Eco luxury goods production (luxury food)

B. Although Tycoon's meat production requires no fertility, the spices still need the vegetables fertility.


2. Might require another island (can be same island as the previous one)!!!!!! (2nd resource/mineral)

A. Your beginning island might or might not have the required minerals resource for the second luxury need of the "employee class" (luxury lifestyle item). If not, it is highly likely you will need to occupy a new island with the required minerals.


NOTE: You could also stay on your island and buy/acquire a fertility license and use it on your warehouse (needs question mark fertility icon in top left next to other fertility icons). (See Super Advanced section for licences and items)


3. Info centre - pretty straight forward.


Tips: when you get the employee class try to build the wood/concrete AFTER establishing modules and tools production






Fast Forward

Press F11 for the Functions tab and click fast forward. It's like the fast forward button, but you needn't hold it!






Lightning bolts and... Wireless connection bars???

Lightning bolts = (Energy Use)

Wireless Connection Bars = (Maintenance Credit Costs)

Hover your mouse to learn more.










Now that you've gotten through the basic and advanced guides, try going into options, click key assignment and set up your shortkeys to what suits you!





?!?!?!!? Why are my mines so far away!!!??

I'm just one square away!

Bunny hop the map, by building warehouses to expand your building area, then deleting the ones you don't need.





What are those silly looking icons?!?!?! (Next to the Island name in the top left)

Hover your mouse to see a description.




Here's a nifty trick!

When selecting a building from the build menu, you can see the building materials, credit costs and even the energy use and eco rating compared to your whole island before you decide on building it! Just look in the top left, next to the island name, after selecting a building from the construction menu.







Eco Rating~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You will find you will need to improve your eco from the classes, Engineer and up. This is because luxury foods will need good eco rating to maintain sustainable production. You will also receive bonus production +% on luxury food farms for positive ecos.



Upgrading classes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tips n Tricks

1. Try to keep your population small at the start, but enought o meet the minimum pop to unlock a building.

2. Smaller populations = easier to fulfil needs

3. Satisfied populations will fill the population limits gradually (shown in your city centre), just like production starts gradually before hitting 100%.

4. To upgrade: Citizens must have their needs FULLY met. The tax for that class must also be the LOWEST.

Tip: When you get Employee class citizens, make production chains for tools BEFORE concrete/wood.



To keep your cash balance (+)ve you should monitor

A. The maintenance cost of buildings (click a building to see its maintenance cost in the bottom right)

B. Tax income

C. Sale of goods - manually or automated through warehouse trade or strategic map trade routes (not shown in balance in top left)



Increased population or upgraded classes lead to higher tax income.

Satisfied needs leads to higher tax income.




Faction selection~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


1. You can get all factions in a new game. At Engineer class level (3rd level)- you will get the option of getting tech and the other faction for 10,000 credits at your Ark. You can then start building the other faction from worker class.


2. Choosing factions

Ecos - easier to fulfil needs, eco management=luxury foods bonus, expensive, harder to get early weapons, boom faction, (mid-game special unit: Fast Hovercraft)

Tycoons - cheaper, bad eco(farms produce less), early weapons, access to coal extractors (less reliance on coal mines), access to oil driller(no need for Tech faction for oil rigs), rushing faction

(late-game special unit: Invincible Collosus)


3. Investing Career progession points

Stick with one faction first

You can see your career progression and bonuses by clicking your profile picture


Avoid Tech career until you finish 1 starter faction.


Buying items~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


License points are like credits, expect used to buy items from NPC arks.

You can earn these by completing quests in the game.

Licences reset each game.



NOTE: In continuous play, store the items in your ARK, and they will be available next continuous play. However, ark storage can be disabled and is not active for some missions. Don't worry if your ark storage disappears after ark-disabled games. It will reappear once you get into an ark enabled game.


These items are normally available in your academy or labratory (from Tech faction). However, you can buy them for licences from NPC Arks in game. Click an NPCs ark and click items to see what is available (it can be dice rolled for credits to see what else you can get). You must have a ship with available storage nearby to collect the item. Just like a trade good.


Each item has a different effect - read the item description for more info.


Tip: Kill Hector's (NPC) ships for item loot(click flotsam to collect)

Tip: You can sell your items for licences.


Tech Faction~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Access to Tech can be bought for 10,000 credits after your first Engineer.

Starts from workers.

Tip: It's better to find an NPC Ark with items you want, then to try to research in an Academy in multiplayer games.

Tip: running low on licences? Try pressing F7 - for diplomacy menu - and demanding a quest from an NPC.




If you've completed the 3rd Campaign you will know how powerful EMP item is.

(HINT: complete all missions)


Alot of items are powerful, but EMP is most versatile. If you see it at an NPC Ark, it is worth buying with licences.

Tip: Get Tech faction and the trimerines come automatically equipped with EMP.


Ark configuration items~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


If you've researched items at the academy or bought them from an NPC - you can store in your ark for Continuous games.

You can also store ordered goods on your ark for future matches. Some are special and can be loaded onto your Ark for map-wide effect.

(NOTE: some games have Ark storage disabled)




NPCs (SPOILERS)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(all are quest givers)


Keto (warrior princess) (no base) - Comes to destroy you after a certain time period - very strong


Hector (pirate)(red base) - hassles you with killer speed boats - kill his boats/island for licences


Hiro (tech merchant) (random spot) - sells you attack submarines for ~7,500 credits (make sure you buy these before someone else does)


Other NPCS

ARKS - Rufus (10 Concrete for Tycoons), Yana (10 Wood for Ecos), Prof Devi

Trade, item sellers


Temporary ARKS - Trenchcoat (Sells 10 weapons)

Trade, item sellers


Island Occupiers - Vadim, Tori, Thor, Tilda

AI player

Occupies new islands, trades, sells items, declares war, etc. Some are aggressive, some are peaceful.




Ship # limit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ship limit # => click shipyard, It's the crosshairs symbol in bottom right.

The greater your population, the greater the ship # limit.




Where's Wally?!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Exra Credit and Licences:

In addition to the regular quest, you can receive quests from your own people!

A jumping double arrow will appear above one of your buildings.

Click it for quest.

E.g. Find 4 engineers in Rainbow's End. Zoom into your city, and look carefully for specified people/animals - they will glow light blue. These can be hard.

Click 'em, and they get transported to your warehouse.



Diplomacy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shortkey: F7

See for more details/options.

Is also where you declare war or offer bribes for peace.




Emergency plans!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


HELP! I'm running out of money!

1. Delete what you don't need - use delete button (DEL) or the deletehammer (V). You'll get none/half/full construction cost back. And you cut down on the maintenance costs.

Tip: Delete your warehouse last, or you lose control of buildings.

2. Check your pop fill/limit by click the city centre. Check that your people's needs are being met, click a house to check their needs. They provide your taxes! You can adjust the tax rate in the top right when a house is selected. The head will move from left to right based on approval. The more needs you fulfil, the better the tax rate options.

3. Sell items manually - load stuff on your ship and then sell them an NPC.

4. Trade - Press F6 for strategic map - NPCs will buy everything for a price. Just click unload with their destination selected to see at what price.

5. Some items NPCs will buy at especially high prices - these are shown in red when you click their Ark or Warehouse. They will even come to you with ships to buy those red and other items at times - just go to your warehouse and click trade in the bottom left to sell them. Set a minimum number to keep in your warehouse, the rest will be sold if their ships come to you.

6. Loan - Press F7, sometimes in the diplomacy menu you can ask for a loan.



Ideal Hotkey setup ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Click settings and options in the main menu

Click "Key Assignment"

Modify to your needs.


UP = w (Note: this is bugged, it will reset to arrow UP, so you need to change it when you log back in)

LEFT = a

DOWN = s



Begin road construction = ` (next to 1)

Delete selected building = F4

Open strategic map = E

(The strategic map is something you will use very often when you expand and helps you keep track of all your islands)

Open Diplomacy Interface = F2

Open functions database = F3 (useful for 1 player games if you need to have the speed up toggled on)

Go to Warehouse = H (K is a little inconvenient)


If you play on a laptop with no numkeys like me, you'll need to change the speed up time key.





3 multiplayer modes

(Note: Fast forward options disabled)

(No game speed option: Personal gripe here-----but it's the only gripe)


From mission map

1. "Single" Missions >

Black Gold OR Whatever It Takes > Start as Multiplayer


(Ark storage is off) Vanilla multiplayer - fair footing. Based on skill rather than Ark items.

(Cannot change game setting options)


A. Black Gold (Tycoon advantage) : race to drill and ship 1000 oil to Rufus's Ark

(Note: moving an oil loaded ship to Rufus will auto-load if you approach his Ark and score you the oil export points, but you won't get credits for the oil.)

- Ecos will need Tech faction for oil rigs

- Tycoons can drill on islands with oil drills and can use Tech for oil rigs

(Tip: Hiro sells you and others attack submarines for 7,500 credits a piece - there's 2 - first come first served)


B. Whatever it takes (Eco advantage): a race to build a monument, enough said! Ecos are by far the best boomers, with overpowered production bonuses on their luxury foods as soon as they get positive eco rating. They also have the best mid-game unit - the hovercraft! Don't get swarmed by speedy hovercrafts, they'll run in for kills, then retreat at breakneck speed for repairs.

Tip: no peace mode in multiplayer single missions - so expect dirty handed tricks, sneaky tactics and backstabbers!

Tip: The mission objective is achievable in 2 hours, but military exchange can occur within half an hour.

Tip: Utilise the NPCs as much as possible, having extra building materials will speed up construction and upgrades.

Tip: Utilise the ascension rights to manipulate the population to get new buildings


2. Continous Play > Click start as multiplayer

Ark storage is on - so expect people to have items and extra resources.

(Ark storage can be changed in the game settings - to change game settings, click game settings tab near the top -

it's also a good idea to check the game settings tab to check if you enter a custom game)

There are numerous ways you can play continuous play.

A. endless cooperative game of city building with peace activated (see game settings) - designing and building together. This is where the save game option and chat and friend interfaces really come into play - try to find friends who are willing to do this. Separate characters helping each other build mega-cities.

B. As a competitive game - There are many goals in the game settings.

Tip: You can increase the warship order limit in the game settings. If someone has set it to high, this usually means most war activities will happen at the start of the game. Order as many ships as you can.


Note: After a non-Ark storage game, things will disappear from the profile Ark, but they will come back next Ark-Storage enabled game.


3. Co-op on single player single mission

Good for... "you've done well in reading this far young grasshopper"... whoops did I say that? I meant... it's good for mentoring and helping others complete the 1 player single missions. Build up contacts and make friends. Just make sure whoever is the character is the one continuing if you know people are going to leave.

Note: This will mean two or more people control the SAME character.

Note: The person in the character window chooses the faction of the player.

Note: If the player in the character window leaves, the people who started the game in the little boxes below him will not have access to Ark items or orders - including backup ships.








Using the strategic map has many benefits! Set it to an easy to access shortkey.

In early game. If you've found all the NPC Arks - Set trade routes to take all their resources and have them unload onto your town. If you empty an NPC Ark of goods, it will slowly replenish.









Tip: You can drag items from the trade bar to your ship to auto-buy. You can also drag items in and out of warehouses to your ship - auto-load/unload as many as it can.














build guide for Tycoon

Credit: Moryarity for providing the essential finishing touches.

(order tools, order ship)

1. Warehouse

2. Town with 1 residence

3. 1 road square behind warehouse (i.e. the dock) - one coal extractor, one coal power station

4. depot with 1 road on each corner (flying star modules box), 4 crushers, 4 smelters OR 6 smelter 6 crusher flying star formation.

5. build houses to 144 pop limit (check pop limit by clicking city centre), build fishery "adjacent" warehouse

6. depot, adjacent 2 breweries

7. build casino

8. after you receive your first employee class citizen, turn ascension rights off, upgrade manually from now on.


///when you have time, explore, do quests, look for NPC arks with goods, set up trade routes to NPCs, Arks, etc, purchase tools, modules and concrete/wood, also buy the other faction's goods to limit your competitor, look for good items/fertilities, occupy another island for luxury goods//


9. employee class.... bunny-hop depots to 2 good mine sites (not caved in)

10. each mining site. 1 iron ore-----1 coal extractor---->1 smelter, 2 workshop. Delete bunny hop depots.

11. depot, another flying star production box.

12. build 1 sand with adjacent depot. At two separate mine sites a quartz mine, a concrete factory and a depot.

13. builds houses and upgrade houses to 750 employee pop limit,

build 1 more fishery, 1 brewery when needed.

(Tip: If you haven't/can't find building materials at the NPCs you might need to make more module/tool production on your island)

When close to 750 employees:

14. build at 2 more mining sites with tools layout but WITHOUT tools

somewhere else build 1 coal extractor with 1 coal station adjacent depot or warehouse

15. when 750 employee pop filled, build 1 weapons at each of the 2 mining tool empty mining sites

16. build shipyard

17. pump warships, or turrets for defense


Eco Build guide

1. 1 Warehouse

2. 1 City Centre, 1 Residence

3. 1 windfarm (build more later when necessary)

4. 1 Whirlpool modules production box

5. 1 fishery

6. Expand houses till you get tea farms, build 1 depot, 1 tea farm

7. Expand houses till you get Opera, build 1 Opera

8. Wait for Tea Needs to fill up (maybe build another tea farm to speed up)

Employee class

9. Mine Site A: build 1 depot, 1 coal mine

10. Mine Site B: build 1 depot, 1 iron mine, 1 smelter, 2 tools workshops

11. Mine Site C: build 1 depot, 1 iron mine, 1 smelter, 2 tools workshops

12. Open space: 1 depot (on 2 corners of depot: 1 road square, 1 wood chopper) (next to depot in the middle of two wood choppers, 1 forestry)

And the rest is up to...


Note: Classes will not upgrade unless they have the LOWEST tax.

Note: All needs must be filled for the class to be upgraded.

Note: There is class distribution cap.

Tip: try to find Trenchcoat's Ark (temporary NPC) which sells 10 weapons

Tip: you can occupy your competitor's islands for resources

Tip: Use the strategic map and set up trade routes to all NPC Arks and collect their resources.

Tip: when occupying new islands bring concrete if you can

Tip: a good mindset to have is to concentrate on getting the higher classes

Tip: If you're tycoon, and see Yana's Ark, buy out the wood, so your Eco competitors can't buy it *ends quaint and pleasant tutorial with evil laugh*


Thank you for reading! gl and hf

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Okay so spice doesnt need spice fertility, it needs vegetation fertility :facepalm:


lol theres always some german that was skipped on the translation


Can you tell me how you can get this spice fertillity? I have played for a few hours now and can't find it anywhere...

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Anyone still playing this or want to play it? Steam gave me a 50% off coupon for Anno 2070 if anyone wants it. Just send me your STEAM name.


50% OFF Anno 2070




50% off on the title Anno 2070.


(Valid September 14th, 2012 through September 28th, 2012)

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