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Anno 2070 - Offical Discussion


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I am LOVING the retial of 2070. Has much much more than the demo lead onto.

I got it set up to my old anno style, (right click menu, click and drag roads) and im already getting comfortable with the controls.


the GUI is so different (100x more modern) its taking a little to get used to , but im loving it so much


i found a mini-bug already, anno has a history of tons of bugs n fixes ,

having problems deleting roads (like in 1404 when you put a road on the side of a mountain and couldnt get rid of it) but it was in the center of my island lol hopefully they put more development into fixing issues with anno 5.



omg, where the heck can i buy spice fertility? im playing continous and no islands have them already on the list, and i cant find a NPC that has one.

is it a special fertility like in 1404 where its only found on islands in the south, but with something else??

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i got it for $39.99, not bad for such a beautifully developed game. and the interaction online is awsome



think if civilization had a baby with sim city and cities xl




get anno ( for $39.99) @ getgames, its a digital copy, but 10$ cheaper than at the ubistore



I need steam /:

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I am a anno monster, other than SC2 this is my #1 time burner. I will do a series of screenshots and maybe a video tonight. ANY questions related to anno i can help with, im a fanboy :P

BTW anyone that has anno 2070, or plans to get it, im down for some multiplayer anytime :)


anno 2070 is #5 in the line of anno games, and it shows the dedication and the skill of the teams doing this have improved so much over the years


Here are some reviews!


GeekSailor Anno 2070 Review for PC



Metacritic - Anno 2070



PC Gamer - Anno thread (Various link, articles videos)



Anno 2070 Gamespot


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Anno 2070 Screentshot gallery




just beat the campaign, the last couple missions are the only hard hard ones so far.

i wish i had more time on my hands, i think i would of wrote a guide/walkthrough for it


so ill take this thread as an opportunity for any kinds of questions about the game, \

as it has offically replaced SC2 and is eating at all my time :)

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Nice to see ubisoft/bluebyte are actually going to start patching issues within a proper timeframe.


Anno 2070 Patch [Nov 24, 2011, 1:08 pm ET] -


A day one patch is now available for Anno 2070, though this is more like a day seven patch for the recently released strategy sequel. The patch can be found on Gamer's Hell, The Patches Scrolls, and Worthplaying. Here's the outline of the most important changes in the patch:


The most important changes:


Stability of multiplayer mode has been improved

Stability of campaign mode has been improved

Stability of missions has been improved

In rare cases it was impossible to defeat „F.A.T.H.E.R.“ in the last mission

Stability of item slots has been improved

A save game error which led to a warehouse being able to delete a nearby ark from the map was fixed

Further changes:


Intro video: Eve’s first audio played too quietly, even at maximum volume

Achievement unlocking has been improved

Sometimes the wrong quantity of goods had been loaded when trading

Improved damage animation for pirate base and Sokow branch office

Music could have occasionally been missing from the mission outros

Errors with World Council actions were corrected

Wheel of needs did not automatically update when changing from one residence to the next

Added additional “Back” function to the “World statistics”, “Message archive”, “Profile data” und “Daily events” sub-menues

“Return to C.O.R.E.“ scenario: Increased incidence of fertility for algae

Improved the animation of the B 13 Condor in hover mode

Various minor graphical errors have been corrected

Text overlaps & errors were corrected

Rare problems occuring during ANNO 2070 registration on ubisoft.com were fixed

Problem with disproportionately large campaign save games was fixed

The problem causing the serial key to be demanded twice was fixed

Balancing adjustments:


Unlocking of the “Firebird” Bombers adjusted to Tech level “Lab assistant”

Cost of the Construction plan for the „Hydro-electric dam“ increased to 5 generators. 3 maintenance units and 1 prototype were also added to the cost.

Cost of the emergency equipment for extinguishing oil rig fires reduced to 1500 credits and 20 tons of tools.

Cost of the effluent pump reduced to 5000 credits and 15 tons of tools.

Damage done by the “Colossus” warship increased to 60.

Damage done by the “Colossus” depth charges increased to 260.

„Hovercraft“ hitpoints reduced to 350, damage against ships reduced to 25, number of item slots reduced to 2, loss of speed caused by damage increased.

Military AI optimized.

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