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Intel Q9950 overclocking


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Hi guys! I am new to the overclockers club as a member, but I am watching the site for long time.


Based on some topics that have been posted here, I clocked my CPU but never made it to a peak.. I need your help on pushing it to the limits but still keep it stable.

So here are my specs.


Intel core 2 quad Q9550 @ 2.8ghz

Asus P5Q Deluxe

Mushkin Redline DDR2 2x2Gb @ 1000 mhz

Ati Radeon HD 5850

PSU chieftech 650watt

I have already overclocked it and here is a pic of what i ve done.





I am air cooling my case and the CPU has its stock cooler. Here is a pic of my Case with the fans and its venting.



I have no intention of spending money on my PC so I would like you to suggest anything with these parts.

I am running 3D studio max for rendering 3d animations and archs so I need any potential resource that my CPU can give.

my Temperatures are about 25C Idle and 52 while rendering in 3ds max.


I am ok leaving my pc at this cpu rate, but if there is a possibility to push it more... then why not? :P


Greetings from Greece!

Thank you in advance.



I just noticed that the topic's title isnt corrent.. Please admins, do your magics :P The CPU is 9550 and NOT 9950. Thank you!

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Coolling will be your limiting factor there. Im not sure how much 3ds max pushes the cpu, I usually use IBT to check for max load temps. I believe tjmax for that cpu is around 70c if I recall.


You can try and push it a bit further but just be careful of temps..

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