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2011 intel mobo for quad sli

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super pi

I set you a challenge....


Try and top these scores from the 1155/2011 overclocking comp


SuperPI 1M Single Instance

jackbrennan2008 5545 MHz i7-2600K - 6.656s - Water

RobbanSWE____ 5153 MHz i7-2600K - 7.254s - Air

Nyt Ryda_______ 5000 MHz i7-2600K - 7.52s - Water

SuperPI 32M Single Instance


jackbrennan2008 5501 MHz i7-2600K - 6m 27.099s - Water

RobbanSWE____ 5143 MHz i7-2600K - 7m 04.601s - Air

bishop245______ 4803 MHz i72600K - 7m 21.85s - Water

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any guide I should read to help oc this intel chip? Not too familiar with oc'ing an intel chip. Not sure where to start with it.

Ccokemans review, apparently it overclocks very much like the sandy bridge CPUs. Go read what he was saying about overclocking and see if it helps.

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