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NXZT Tempest 210 mods

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Hey, is that one of the 19 dba @ 2000 RPM/69cfm sickleflows?


If so, how do you like them?


The sickleflows are nice, but they aren't 19dba at 2000rpm like others have said. The difference is, the are actually 90cfm @ 2000rpm, but mayba 25-27dba. they are 69cfm at about 1500rpm or so, and hit their near silent 19dba mark. If you look at a CoolerMaster R4 fan(90cfm @ 2000rpm + whatever dba it is, i forget exactly), its the exact same part number as a the sickleflow fans.


Definitely some fail marketing, but they are still great fans. I have 4 in my case now, plus ive used maybe another 20 in various builds for other people.

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