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Skyrim Crash Fix

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I don't think I can do that in Win XP.

Is it a Win 7 setting only?


no idea, havent used xp since vista came out

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So, having got skyrim last night (haha) i encountered a problem. the game crashed on startup, within 5 seconds of loading, only just getting to the main menu screen

Some of my other friends had this issue, but i have found the solution

In windows audio settings you need to turn down the audio quality to 96khz-16 bit

For me i had the audio quality higher cause i run studio monitors as my main speakers, but this has fixed the crash problem


hope it helps



Great, I was beginning to spit some fire myself. No idea why the game crashes upon launch. Tried all the goofy suggestions from the entire internet, which turns out to be quite big...


Your sollution however works!


And I thank you by doing what I hate most (filling in forms). So registered just to say thanks!

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So clicking play isn't doing anything on the menu you get before entering the game. By that I mean it has no response. All other menu items work.


edit: Had to run steams validation. Had swapped out some file for a mod. Problem solved

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I had the same issue where after I click "New Game" and confirm it, about 10-15 seconds into the load screen my game would crash instantly. No idea how to fix it. I've tried changing the sound quality to every possible frequency and each one resulted in a crash. I have no idea what else to do now.



I found a fix that worked for me. I believe it had to do with the V-sync. Although the guide says to script it in, my Intel graphics card also has a feature to disable Vsync. I had to script it into the .ini file as well as tell my graphics card to disable Vsync.

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