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What do you read, how often and how do you read it?

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Muscle mustangs and fast fords

5.0 magazine & super fords

Maximum PC (sometimes)

Summit Racing catalogues



None inparticuar, although I do read some novels every now and then.

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Daily: OCC, Techspot, AnandTech, CNN, my iGoogle home page, Facebook (almost daily): on the LCD TV hooked up to sig (or my wifes lappy on occ or her iPad)


Novels as often as possible. Currently reading The Count of Monte Cristo on the Kindle and have been reading many of the classics that are now free digitally on the Kindle, mostly Sci FI and fantasy oldies.

I read tons of Star Wars (hardbacks only, I collect them).

I own many fantasy Hardback epics: The Sword of Shannara, The Wheel of Time, Dune (all of the prequels and the six classics), and I collect Clive Cussler hardbacks.

YEAHHH for reading.


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