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Recharging an r134a refrigerator?

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On 9/9/2019 at 8:56 AM, sanathana said:

I think instead of refrigerator better go for ice maker so I follow this guide . can anyone better than this.

I was reading the guide the top pick it shows Opal Nugget Icemaker it gives 24pounds ice in 24 hours and does it have drainage? So that it will be easy to clean I was reading this guide the top pick is IKICH Nugget it has some better features, first it gives 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours and second is the drainage pipe which is must for cleaning purpose, would you like to counter on this?

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I used to rescue old refrigerators and ice makers - but no more. Too much work. But, if you are doing it yourself, here is some info.
During manufacturing, the unit is vacuumed down to remove air and moisture. Then a charge - usually about 4 oz of a propane/iso-butane mix is forced into the system and the line crimped. No charge valve normally. You would have to cut the low side line and braze a charging port to it. You will need a vacuum pump and gauges. Plus propane and iso-butane adapters for the gauges. All can be found on Amazon. Cheap gauges and vacuum pump - maybe on Craigslist. Souinds like an interesting project. Keep in mind that if you invest in the tools, you can always use them later on your autos.

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