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need help, changing to e-cigarettes

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Well as long as you still have the habit, then the e cigs are not really going to work for very long. The addiction to the nicotine is the big driver that will bring down the e cigs fairly quickly and put you back onto regular cigs.


Not to influence you or anything, but I was a 2 pack a day menthol smoker for 35+ years. I quit a year ago last March 25th.


Although you HAVE to want to quit which I know you say you are not trying to do (yet), I would recommend Chantix for quiting when you are ready. I did it without any support people or anything and it worked great. I still have a craving now and then (like right after a nice big meal) but I know it is better for me and no more smelly clothes!


I know a couple of people around here who are using the e cigs and not having any luck with them. One person is trying to quit and the other is like you, just changing the image I guess. They both say that the e cigs just don't "do it" for them and they end up back sneaking regular cigs whenever they can.


Tough habit to break or make changes too for sure, but it can be done.


Good luck with the e cigs.




+1 to what Bill said.


I'm a smoker that hates smoking as well. I can completely sympathize with what you are saying. However, I agree that you are going to have to want to quit in order to quit. I have tried Chantix before and it worked great with the urges and cravings. But in the end, you have to want to quit.


As far as the e-cigs: these were made to keep people smoking in places they can't smoke (i.e. restaurants). They are kind of expensive to start with, and the refills end up costing about the same amount as a pack of cigarettes as you use them. It is an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, but may not be as successful as they advertise.


As far as Chantix: As an RN, I have to recommend that you go to the doctor and get his/her opinion on using Chantix. There are side effects and medical history that do need to be considered before they will prescribe it to you. It is a program (minimum of a month, but can be extended), that you will have to stick to very strictly. It is a good option if you are the right candidate.


Other methods of quitting would be nicotine gum and patches. Both of these help some people, but it is also in the mind frame of the person using them. Nicotine patches can get messy and annoying when putting them on and taking them off. I personally hate the taste of nicotine gum.


All these methods are temporary if you keep smoking. Having tried most of them, I'd have to say I had the best results with Chantix.


Things that may help you quit with or without the above mentioned things:


1) Drink a glass of water or juice when you get the urge to smoke. Smoking may stir the stomach causing the craving, and by drinking something, it may help diminish it.


2) Change patterns that enable you to smoke. These would be going outside on smoke breaks with a group of friends, going to bars, etc. This is only temporary to help break the habit of smoking.


3) Get a craving, exercise. Some people claim this has helped them a bit. A friend of mine told me that whenever he would get a craving at home, he'd just stop what he was doing and go walk around the neighborhood or yard for about 10-15 minutes.


4) Avoid food items that you want to smoke with. This is a killer for me. Smoking and coffee go hand in hand. I LOVE COFFEE. So, when I've quit before, I had to avoid coffee and find another source of caffeine (addiction) for a couple of months. During that time, coffee never tasted the same anyways.


5) Set a date to quit and stick by it. Have an anniversary or birthday coming up? Incorporate that date with a quit date or using chantix (28 day program).


You can probably find the government website with a simple search in google that may have many more methods to quit. These are just a few that I've tried or recommended to others. I wish you well on your endevour and hope it works for you.

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I was a one-pack a day smoker for 15 years. My lungs started giving me problems and it was either Cigarettes or Lungs. I stopped smoking in the daytime first, but after 6pm I could smoke. After about two weeks of this, I was able to just QUIT outright and never went back...that was 25 years ago. Benson and Hedges dont get my money anymore.

Sorry, but it seems might consider just quitting outright instead of faking it with smoke.

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