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Hey guys, I would like to thank all of you here, the staff and community for the support for the Computer Ed Show you have shown. It is nice to know we have an online home we can send our listeners to where they will be treated like family. So with that in mind I have decided to give this community a sneak peek as it were of an announcement that will be made official tomorrow.


On 29 October the Computer Ed Show will be undertaking a major expansion. We have signed contracts with Monster Radio, 1150 WGGH and will be doing our show from their studios. This move will move our show time to Saturdays at Noon, CST and will allow us to expand the show into a full 3 hour format. The show will be available to listen to live every Saturday at WGGH.net, there is also a web cam for some behind the scenes video during the show. This longer format means we can take our time and dive into various topics more than our current one hour show will allow.


Because of contractual obligations we will continue to do the show for the rest of the year every Sunday as well at 1:00PM CST on WJPF but that show will be stopped after the first of the year. For purposes of our downloadable show we will be switching fully to just the new 3 hour show on the 29th.


This move is really exciting as we are being setup as one of WGGH's cornerstone shows; this means we have a lot more backing from the station for getting things done. Additionally this move has opened up other doors that could very well mean even more expansion news in the next 6 months or so. The official announcement of this will be on our facebook page tomorrow morning as well as sometime tomorrow on the WGGH website.


So again thank you to this community for it's support and I hope you will enjoy the ride as we take it to a new level.

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Yes, that's pretty awesome! I for one have become a fan of the show.




Wtf are you going to talk about for 3 HOURS?!


P.S. Provide a link in the topic to where to listen?

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