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Gagzila's Gaming Rig for 2012


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Wow it looks so great! Very nice cable management, and those Vengeance looks as though they're meant to be for that mobo!

Dunno if you posted it somewhere, but what was the total cost of all the hardware? (not including monitors and stand)


Thanks SkytTe, the Corsair Graphite 600T is the best case I have ever seen / used. It has a fantastic cable management system, it's own built in fan controller (knob on top front panel) and loads of space. The system by itself is around the $3k mark, here is my component selection thread which links all my parts to the website I ordered them from.


Lots of pics so nice and I love that table.


Also just use the 6pin pci cable the 6+2 pin ones can also be used. They pin out the exact same way as the 6pin just with two extra grounds that can be tucked away.


The molex adapter is there if you don't have enough pci power cables, you do have enough so don't worry about the adapter.


Edit: for some horrible spelling and gramma thanks to a combination of autocorrect and it being too early.


Ah sweet, from your post above and all the posts on my other thread in the video forum I am pretty confident about how to plug these in now. LOL, sounds like it's coffee time for you :P


The two tables fit into the room by millimetres, they are pretty much a perfect fit. We got them a few years back when we first moved in.


Between streaming YouTube and this topic still loading I think I am sucking all the bandwidth here :rofl:


I have always been curious what everyone's fur situation was like - I think you should throw some pistons on that vaccum cleaner for the hell of it. Looking at that ceiling fan pic I can't help but wonder if you are spiderman, especially since you were able to measure the dust levels up there - that is intense! Come to think of it, how does dust stick to the top of ceiling fan blades anyway?! :rtfm: (< this smiley never gets used)


That is definitely a high powered looking motherboard and that ram definitely belongs with it. Be careful when plugging/unplugging stuff from you I/O port!


Like Stoner said, I plug two 6-pin leads in from the PSU and leave the extra 2-pins sort of ...well dangling. Shame the case doesn't have a more elegant solution for the front panel USB 3.0 port but every single case I looked into had the same crap solution.


Ha ha, yeah I can get a bit carried away when taking photos. I just stood on a chair to see the dust on the fan blades and then clean them off, turned the sink brown for the few seconds it took to wash it down. The photo was taken just holding the camera above my head and estimating it, got that shot first go :cool2: Not sure how it actually sticks to it, I'm guessing a bit of static and also just sitting idle throughout winter.


Be careful when plugging/unplugging stuff from you I/O port!


Sorry but what do you mean by this?


Thank's for the confirmation on the GFX card supplementary power configuration, I am guessing they make it that way to cater for other cards without having to include 6 cables for every type of configuration.


Well my mates on his way over (who is also my boss, the IT Manager :P), so will plug the cards in and give it another look over and then look at powering her up!





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Day 3


Plugged the four PSU PCIe power cables into the GFX cards and cable tidied it...as discussed, just had to coerce the 2pin extension on each one around to the top of the plug so it was out of the way. My mate also noticed I hadn't hooked up the DVDRW yet (oops :P) so added another power cable to the PSU which now has no more modular sockets left for auxiliary components such as HDDs.


Testing all the new monitors for any sign of ghosting (various reports on this model have been made about ghosting, doesn't do it in game but does do it quite bad in windows according to quite a few people)...none at all on any of them, phew!



She's all ready to fire!



Myself on the count down to ignition....T-MINUS 4, 3, 2....



...1 - YEEHAA!, she boots! :thumbsup:



Had a quick squiz through the BIOS, updating the time and checking the SSDs had been detected. HDDs are currently disconnected to look at later on. Set boot priority and save to start installing Windows 7 x64



Quickest windows install I've ever seen!



Pretty lights.... :P



Aerocool at work, very well designed and works a treat



Time for a boot to windows login speed test while still a fresh install...



...clocking in at 47.8 seconds from pushing the power button to the instant the logon screen becomes available and able to actually enter characters to login (which is as soon as it appears on the screen :evilgrin:)



Haven't gotten round to cabling the house yet and I don't have a wifi card installed like on my old system...so out with the CAT5e ;)







Dining room is back to normal now, can't say the same for the gym room LOL



The final setup is not to far off now, basically finishing off driver installations and sorting out the general system before setting up the full rig. As said before, still to setup the HDDs and configure for RAID 10.




And here we are with the aerocool setup as said earlier I would post up some info on how I've configured it so far.




Only controlling the two 200mm fans as I'll obviously leave the CPU H80 cooler, GFX cards and PSU to manage their own dedicated fans. Temperature probes in yellow above (HDD is red for contrast in the image), details below:


CPU: This is just sitting along the top / intersecting corner of the CPU locking plate and the H80 heatsink block. There's about a 7deg temp difference from what the aerocool displays and the BIOS reports back itself, so need to keep this in mind when setting the aerocool CPU temp alarm.


GPU: This is gently wedged between the second PCIe slot and a capacitor on the mobo which locates it close to the top card and should get the head from the second one as well (as heat rises). I was thinking whether its better to get an averaged temp of both cards or attach it specifically to some certain point on the first card thats running all the monitors, what do others think?


HDD: This is attached in the middle off the top of the 3rd HDD from the bottom, so I should get an averaged combined heat of the HDD it is on along with heat radiation from the two below and one above giving me a general idea on the temps they are seeing. Wondering though whether I need to protect the probe a bit more from the front intake fan air stream?


SYS: This is pretty much sitting / hanging behind the big heat sink to the left of the CPU. My mate said for himself he would actually mount it away from the motherboard, say on the otherside of the case in the roof to get an overall reading on internal case temp. I am thinking this makes sense and intend to move it there unless anyone else thinks it is better where it already is?


That's my general thinking on the configuration of the aerocool temp probes anyway, the motherboard has some temp probes as well that I am yet to install.



Next on the list of things to do:


- Further cable tidy on the back area just to pull in loose loops of cable and so on

- Connect up HDDs and configure in RAID 10

- Install CPU-Z and GPU-Z for a general checkup

- Clear of desk again and start arranging power cables, etc for final rig layout to be setup

- Setup tri-monitor stand and attach monitors

- Configure eyefinity

- Run some OC tests on the CPU and see what she can do :evilgrin:


Also, never really gave it a thought while picking the components but I have unintentionally nearly maxed out this case's, motherboard's and PSU's support platform such as:


- All but 1 top drive bays are used (top most spare but tight with front / top panel I/O cables, DVDRW takes next one, then aercool takes last two bays)

- All HDD bays are used (top two have SSDs, other 4 contain the HDDs)

- All fan ports are used bar changing the side panel window for a grill which can take another four 120mm fans

- Using an E-ATX mobo which fills out the case nicely but wouldn't want to go any bigger!

- All DIMM slots are used

- I have one SATA III port left

- I can't use the standard PCIe slot but I do have room for one more double slot GFX card (not like I'll need it any time soon though :D)

- Nearly all modular sockets on the PSU are being used, I only have one 8pin CPU and two 6pin PCIe sockets left!


So I count myself lucky that it all fits in somehow and so neatly to...it truly is an awesome case :woot:





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Looking nice Craig.


Where is the case going to end up it can't really fit when the tri monitors are set up and putting it under the desk would be a shame.


I think you should take your wife's side of the desks so you can set it up still see interals (so nice looking black and red) and be able to access the front.


Just set your warnings after working out where temps sit in the probe locations the same way you did with the CPU. If a probe isn't responding quickly enough try moving it besides that looking good.

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Thanks Michael, I am thinking of keeping it pretty much where it is now on the desk. The monitors are fairly thin so I will just see how it all fits together on the desktop and go from there. I really would rather keep it up there, as you get to see it but also helps keep it away from the fur that rolls across the ground below (its true, like little tumbleweeds LOL)





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be careful with that extension cord...i wouldn't use cfx or overclock until you get you power situation handled.......at the very least wait to benchmark/stress test.......


btw......your rig looks great......


instead of erasing that ill just apologize and reflect on my stupid comment........................................................................i thought that was a cheap-o home depot orange cord......

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Night 3


Thought I better keep updating the progress even though I'm not really in the mood for it at the moment with my SSD just deciding to disappear!


So with her running Windows fine and all drivers installed, decided it was time to finish off the desk setup :evilgrin:


All the parts for the tripple monitor stand



First monitor VESA bracket attached



Ding! All mounted and finished...I'll tell you, it's a bloody neat fit for three 24" monitors...it's advertised as being able to fit three of that size maximum and it only just does that, kinda worked out good though as the side monitor bezels get hidden behind the middle monitor so the image is only broken by the width of a single bezel on each side...I do get about 2-3mm of LCD hidden as well but the eyefinity bezel feature will fix that, it allows you to adjust the image to accomodate for bezels so that the image simply doesnt jump the gap from one screen to the next.







Found the spot for the case to sit, it all just fits on somehow :whistling:...got all the security cables attached as well and cable tidied



A little view of the cable tidying, power and DVI cables installed now at this point



Pretty much finished with new Logitech G510 keyboard and G700 mouse setup with the Razer gaming mouse mat stuck down. Also setup my Logitech X-540 sound system I used with the old PC and connected the finger print reader as well, works a treat! Even stuck the ROG sticker on the desk for a little splash of colour :P









Games I plan on testing out a bit before OC (that was before my SSD decided to play hide and go seek LOL)...just about finished downloading the 1GB update needed for the recently installed AVP before I can even play it, I may get a chance to at least play that for a bit tonight and actually start enjoying the FPS power of this beast.



Also note that I am only running a single monitor at the moment as the Apple miniDP to DVI adapter I bought turned out to be passive and therefore couldn't get the third monitor to duplicate for the eyefinity configuration. I have a Saphire DP to DVI adapter turning up tomorrow and will use with the miniDP to DP adapter that came with the GFX cards, so watch this thread for some eyefinity photos tomorrow night (fingers crossed no other issues pop their ugly head up!)





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F#@& yeah!!!


Aliens vs Predator @ 1080P, all settings maxed out and DX11 features turned on, 4xAA and she never even looked like budging off of 60 FPS which it just maxes out at constantly. True test will be tomorrow night when eyefinity runs the image across all three monitors at 5760x1080 :popcorn:


This is Craig signing off for the night...a happy man!



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