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Decent FPS increase with cpu upgrade?

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Ill get to the point in this question.


I just recently upgraded my CPU on my project build and upon testing in games im only seeing an average FPS jump of 12FPS now is this a decent jump for just upgrading the CPU alone?

I went from a Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 (2.2ghz 1MB Cache 800Mhz FSB) to a Intel Pentium Dual Core E6800 (3.33Ghz 2MB Cache 1033Mhz FSB) i was expecting to see atleast a 15Fps-20Fps jump..maybe my expectations were too high?

how decent of a jump is +12FPS with just upgrading the CPU alone? i would of figured the +1.1ghz tied with double the Cache and a faster FPS would warrant atleast a 15-20Fps improvement but i guess i thought wrong?

I was looking into putting the Core 2 Duo E8500 or E8600 in instead but those were like 3x the price of the Pentium DC and according to Passmarks CPU scores they were barely higher then the Pentiums so i went with that. Passmark reported a CPU score of 2307 for the Pentium E6800 i actually received a 2723 (almost 18% higher) score im sure having my OS optimized and running only 28 processes in Win 7 ultimate 64 bit had alot to do with that. i compared results to a Core i3 2100 system and thier CPU score was only a 1100 something. my buddy at work got a 4000 score on his I3 2100 so that just goes to show people are running 60-90+ processes at one time ( ive witnessed this many times on house calls)

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