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M-ITX Intel Atom FileServer


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I am looking at an intel atom server build for keeping network backups of all important files on our network. We have had a lot of hdd problems recently and so this seemed like a good thing to look into. Also it would make file sharing easier.

So my goals are:

Low price.

Low power consumption; hence the atom.


Stable, for 24/7 use.


What i have found so far is as follows:

Intel Atom D525mobo/cpu combo. $75 13w TDP. (i wanted a Z530P but i could not find one, it has a 2.2w TDP :blink: )


Crucial Crucial 2GB 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1066 (PC3 8500) Laptop Memory Model CT25664BC1067$13 or maybe the 4GB one for $25(both good deals)


WD Caviar Green 1TB $56 with coupon code if i order before the third $49


I have loads of old cases that will either fit or be made to fit an mitx board. As for PSU i have an ASTEC 300w, a foxconn 25w, and a dell 200w so i think im covered. If you dont think so please recommend something.


I plan to run some form of linux on this box. and probably have it fold whilst idle as it will be on 24/7.


So, ideas, comments, criticisms?




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Scrap that, the master of funds vetoed it.................. ah well.

If you go with this in the future there are a lot of PSUs that are far more efficient than a full ATX PSU. PicoPSU is the brand I've used before for small projects.

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