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intel c2d e7500 ocing


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Hi guys,


I can't OC my sig rig to 4GHz,

I tried with these settings:

CPU Vcore-----------1.4

CPU Termination-----1.3

CPU Reference-------0.848

MCH core------------1.3

DRAM voltage--------1.8


multi 10x and FSB 400

(also multi 11x and FSB 364)

its not working it freezes while booting windows

i wouldn't go with higher CPU voltage than 1.4v


my ideas are that:

1. cpu needs more voltage

2. mobo settings are holding me back im not very familiar with that

3. ram is holding me back (but why if it stays on default)


what do you think?


can you help me with mobo settings and ram timings ?


highest stable was 3.66GHz (11x333MHz)



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i got my fsb:dram to 1:1 but 400x10 is not stable .... it cant boot the windows ... it freezes ....

ram 2x400fsb and cpu 10x400fsb then bus speed is 400 and rated fsb is 1600 i tried 7x400 with the same settings and its not working ...

now i'm at 11x333 = 3.67GHz rated fsb is 1333 fsb:dram is 1:1 ram 667 underclocked it booted win ...

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