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Best 5.1 Sound Card (with analog inputs preferably)

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hey guys just got a new set of speakers. i went the 2.0 powered speaker route this time. got myself a Microlab SOLO 7C Amplified 2.0 110W.


i'm pretty sure most of you haven't heard of microlab. they are a company based out of china and they make pretty decent speakers. I got these for around 170$ which is a pretty sweet deal considering the speaker quality. The speakers are HUGE and they sound really well as well. i attached a pic so that you guys can have a look. Now coming to the more important part. As I've mentioned I listen to a lot of lossless music and do a lot of gaming as well. Which sound card would be the best for me. I'm ready to spend upto $200. I want to stick to PCI-E considering PCI may no longer be present of future mobos. Should I go with the ASUS Xonar Essense STX or Creative Titanium HD or should I wait for the new Creative Core3D based sound cards to come out. Thank you for your help:D

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I don't think you'd go wrong with the Asus or Creative cards. I know we've got our fair share of Creative haters around here, but truthfully I've been pretty happy with my Creative sound cards. IMHO the Audigy2 ZS was one of the best consumer level sound cards made in its day, and I think that the Creative Titanium cards are just as good. Sure if you throw in the install disk you're gonna load your rig up with a BUNCH of crap that you'll probably never need, but you can still do a clean manual install and just grab the driver, Alchemy and one or two of the other apps that you might actually want/need.


Touching on Creatives' revamped audio panel and console control panel - I actually think they are pretty good. The dedicated modes for Game / Entertainment / Audio Creation all work surprisingly well at their default settings.

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