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Gainward gtx560 Ti crashes with AA/AF enabled

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Just got this card yesterday, upgraded from a gtx 260, I did the proper thing and uninstalled all the previous drivers, installed the new card and installed the latest drivers straight from nvidia.


First thing I did was boot up CSS and maxed out the settings, assuming this new card could handle it, I put max AA and whatever that other one is (forgive me, it's like 5 random letters x16) and every few minutes my whole computer would freeze forcing me to a manual restart.


I lowered the AA and the other one to their minimum (1 step above none) and tried playing again with the same result, the crashing didnt stop until I put the other one on nothing and AA on minimum.


Figuring it was just a problem within CSS, I booted up TF2 and with the same result, except this time the crashes didnt stop until I turned off both AA and the other completely.


So then I figured it was the source engine, I tried Kotor and I can't even run AA on that without it crashing.


I've heard there were issues with the latest nvidia drivers causing cards to overheat but the temps never went over 52c.


The card is a gainward golden sample (factory OC'd) so I downclocked it to factory settings and I'm still having the problem.


Any ideas what's causing this?


Other important specs are:

i5 650 @ 3.2ghz

MSI P55-GD55

Apevia warlock 750w

4g Gskill DDR3

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Ok, now I'm thinking it's not the graphics card, I just had the exact same problem happen...but with itunes.


Opened itunes to transfer some movies to my iphone and mid-sync itunes froze, then when trying to get it to respond (like in the games) my whole computer froze and it eventually ended up with black screens, forcing me to do a manual restart.


What am I looking at here? RAM issue? (I seem to recall I had a few RAM troubles back when I did this build originally, but I switched RAM slots on the mobo and i ended up trouble free)

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I cleaned the registry after uninstalling the old card.


I totally uninstalled the sound card drivers and still have the same problem.


I don't have access right now to another power supply but it can be arranged.


I have a new development though, On my gtx 260 I started noticing (around 2 or so weeks ago) that my main screen would flicker (jutter from side to side) and occasionally go black for a few seconds, I assumed it was the card because it was getting pretty old.


But I've just got on my PC now (with no changes since last night except the sound drivers being uninstalled) and the flickering/juttering is WORSE than it ever was with the gtx 260, it's having a spaz attack.


Am I actually looking at motherboard problem or do you still think it's the PSU? (PSU and RAM were next on my to buy list)

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