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Dual Power Supplies

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Bah I havn't been talkin on the forums in a long long time,

but I still check em every once in a while when I get a chance

so to let ya know first off I'm still alive...


2nd, I've run out of power cords it seems, and Im gettin

tons of stuff from my brother, like 5 scsi hard drives

and a jaz drive, an old emachine and a 200mhz server...

plus lots of other crap...

but I have 3 hard drives I want hooked up right now

I have 2 use my raid connections as IDE3 and 4 to do so ( I dont use

IDE raid anyway...) and I was gonna install linux (again) on my

6gig maxtor... so I stole a powersupply from another comp and

I want to place it inside my tower somewhere, and see if I can

possibly make it so I press the tower button for power and turn

on both power supplies.... is this possible? if so what do I need to

do or buy? thanx

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Ya.. it would be possible, but would require some electrical work...


As far as how it would need to be done, it's been far to long since I last did any real electronic work... I'll see if I can find something for you tho.

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I was thinkin that, but I didnt know if they existed and

how much they cost... are they effective?

or is there a way to convert other unused cords to this

type of connector?

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they are effective as long as you have enough power to run the device. They;re like 2 bucks a shot.

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bah I dont like spendin money...

but that looks cool...

plus I dono if it'd fit in my case...

I think Im either gonna try and rig 2

together... if that doesnt work I guess

I'll probly either try and get a power supply off

someone else... I have a 300w so I think I have

enough to support more stuff so I'll probly get those



LinuxProx: thanx... I sure missed ya guys over here, but ya

I still goto the mainpage everyday and check out the news and reviews...

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