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The Photo Game V3.0

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Ok, if you played in the old thread then you should already know how this goes.

If not, then here is how it works:


Person A requests a photo of something.

Person B then takes the picture, posts it and then requests something



  • No taking pictures from other places, you must have personally taken the photograph for this game
  • Your name must be present in the image handwritten on something
  • No image editing apart from resizing the image
  • Keep the image within 800px width or hotlink it
  • Make requests sensible... nothing impossible please
  • Each request is active for 8 hours, then anyone can call it dead and make the next request.


No points this time, now it's just for the hell of it to pass the time.



This is the 3rd iteration of this thread, here is the 2nd and the 1st is unfound as of yet. (I didn't look very hard)

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I refuse to drink it, it came in a sample pack and I already tried to choke down the first.

Yes, other than that I AM out of beer... :(












A piece of bread in your CD drive tray.



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