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I used AS5 till my big tube ran out, use MX2 now for air and water cooling... Artic silver ceramic for cold... I tried IC7 diamond once and it removed the etching from the cpu.... Doesnt really matter much to me hell I ran with none before...

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Never used anything else before and it seems to do its job, never failed me, and it's easy to apply and clean off.

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READ THIS and THIS REVIEW before making your decision. they are both ongoing 2011 reviews


AS5 (or 4, or 3...) sux. don't use it. it is HIGHLY overrated.


PK-1, MX-2, are very good and easy to find at a reasonable cost.


Indigo Xtreme is THE best - bar none. coolab liquid metal - don't use it.


the diamond pastes are also very good and don't have any cure time, but can "polish" the heatsink and CPU spreader over time - if that is a concern for you then don't use it.


sorry for my agressive tone in this, but i see so often that people make recommendations based on what they have done....but they have only ever done ONE THING!! look at the reviews posted throughout this thread and make your own decision. the ones i have posted are 2011 articles and still ongoing, but have tested some of the major brands - and some unknowns....even many which are listed in this thread. read both the reviews i linked above...compare them for consistency (different review sights have different methods for how they review a product, but as long as they are consistent then so should the results between sights), and then come to your own conclusion.

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