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Spotty Dsl Connection

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It looks like they have phone lines running all over the outside of their house that are stapled and smashed and go into random holes where on the inside they put a phone jack. Could that be the problem?

Is it ADSL (phone line -> microfilter -> ADSL modem/router)? If so, do all the phone sockets in the house have a microfilter (if the socket has a phone connected)? Here in the UK, we can disconnect the obsolete, near-useless, "ring" wire from the master socket to improve ADSL signal.


Basically, if it's ADSL and the phone line wiring is all messed up and there are extension lines all over, you're going to have a tough time getting a noise-free ADSL signal. I disconnected all but the master socket in my house and get the full 20Mbps sync I'm supposed to.

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