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Need Help Problem with my windows media player

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. Go to control Panel


1. Choose programs and features (not uninstall)


2. Choose Turn Windows Feature On or Off on the left of the screen


3. Find Media Features


4. Check mark "Media Features" then press Ok


5. Reboot

it didnt helped but i came to know thats its playing 3gp files and mkv also but its not playing some files like mp3 mp4 wmv etc please help im getting very annoyed with this please please help

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Do you still get an error message that WMP has encountered an error and will shut down now? Or are you getting something else?


Are you sure that all of your mp3 files are named with the .mp3 file extension?


Have you downloaded and installed any media packs or media players other than VLC?

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You never answered my question about whether you had installed any other codec packs other than those included with VLC.


Realistically we are down to three things, some of which we've already addressed;


1. WMP is still corrupted (although it shouldn't be you did a reinstall)

2. Some other codec pack that you've installed has messed up WMP

3. The file extension naming convention is wrong (unlikely since the files play with VLC)

4. The actual media files themselves are corrupted (unlikely since the files play with VLC)


So short of some other codecs messing with WMP there isn't much left.


I only see two options from here;


1. Format your hard drive and reinstall windows

2. Use another media player and forget about WMP

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