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help me choosing the processor...

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Thanks... I am planning on overclock the CPU, and increase the bus speed... I can upgrade it later, so the 12GB is more than enough already for now... :)


Actually, I have GTX560 in my mind, but I didn't think about SLI, that would be a good consideration...thanks..


Oh my, I forgot, IVIYTH0S told me before when I was asking about my friend's computer here, the SATA III doesn't have any advantage over SATA II, except if I use SSD for it... Thanks for the reminder.. :P


The real question here is how long do you plan on using this system? If you plan on having it plan long term than think long term on your needs. Much of the advise that gets thrown around is for right now not a year or two down the road. If you build your system for long term needs than you won't go wrong


With current densities you could go to 24gb without much hassle other than cost on the X58 platform.


SATA 6Gbps does not show a significant speed advantage over SATA 3Gbps unless you are using SATA 6Gbps devices, a RAID set or SSD where the bus will limit the potential of the device. That being said its a feature worth having unless you plan on upgrading next year.

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