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Best 2.1 Speaker for Gaming and Music

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So you hate an industry leader? Can't say I'm surprised. :rolleyes:


I echo Ed's sentiments about the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1s. I've had mine for six years, never given me an ounce of trouble. Great response across the highs, mids, and lows, subwoofer hits hard enough, no real need to get any other set imo.


However, since you're mostly going to be using them for a laptop, the main question I have is this. Do you keep your laptop on a desk for extended periods of time, as a desktop replacement, or do you take it with you fairly often? If its the latter, I'd recommend a small, portable set of speakers that can easily fit in a bag and don't require an external power source.

They could be called crap cans with wires for all I care if they sound good. Dude the name means nothing the sound is everything and NOTHING is in the same class.

Haha guys you misunderstand!! I love Klipsch audio equipment, just not fond of their name :P

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Why do I live in Denmark?!?!?!!?! I have been wanting those Klipsch for sooo long, but alas they are not for sale in Denmark. And Amazon won't ship them to Denmark. :glare: It was so much better when I was an exchange student in USA, since I could order pretty much anything.


Sorry for the rage, but sometimes the frustrations need some outlet.. I appreciate you bearing with me.

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Guest Goth

Klipschs? lol funny name :P. Reviews say DIN plug something breaks? wth? But then again i fee like gettinn them. Looks good.


Still go with anything other than Logicrap (If you think your money matters). at least i hate them. Overpriced piece of crap. For me Creative are 1 step ahead of Logicrap. Whatever Logi gives, Creative gives it in less price! I was a proud owner of T6100, and it was really good for the price and 5.1 setup. Yup I know Low end Creatives ar crap, but at least they are cheap! Not expensive uber crap like Logotik.


If i was you, i would get something again in Altec Lansing range. They are really good for Music.

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