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Seti Vs. Folding

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What hope can E.T.'s bring us if were already dead from rampant diseases and plagues :ph34r:

Sorry but I feel folding, saving and curing ppl, is of far greater importance than trying to find some type of life out their...

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There are diseases like malaria, aids, etc for which we have cures or effective treatment that countless people die from everyday... it's a disgrace. Debating the root causes of this could go on forever. Whatever the more immediate causes are (and there are many), I believe that in a world that enjoys an unprecedented level of cooperation and peace, there would be the will both political and social to put a stop to these horrible situations.


Malygris: well put and very eloquent I thought.


I'm not just blaming us in the west for being narrow minded (including myself too)... we all are everywhere. Also, in places with very low levels of education or otherwise with very closed thinking, it would take nothing less than proof of life elsewhere to shake people out of the ethnocentric mind-sets. The world's ethnocentrism collectively holds us back. Difficult to argue this because you have to describe a kind of world we've never even remotely experienced before.


I lived my life in many places, America, Canada, Europe, Africa... my thoughts after all that... the world really ought to be one country (a point eluded to by Malygris above). Splitting up this mud ball into countries is out dated and archaic... time to evolve again, but it will take a big shift in human thinking.


I have nothing against Folding and I think that people should dedicate cycles to it by all means. I just don't think that the importance of that excludes seti.

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