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PCMARK 7 Scores

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So I figured I would start a thread about PCMARK7 I will update when I can.

Post a link to the score and what you used to get it, also use the standard settings so everyone can add there score. Also I would like for the score to have your user name incorporated in the the score page. It only takes a few seconds to create an ORB account and click "submit"

Intel will be Green and AMD will be Red

  • 6628 [email protected] 5.4 Ghz
  • 5515 [email protected] Ghz
  • 5251 [email protected] GHz
  • 5184 olokul---------------------i7 950 @ 4.631 GHz
  • 5144 Pippy---------------------2600k @3.4 GHz
  • 4767 htaed---------------------2500k @ stock
  • 4381 Wormy-------------------Phenom II @ 3.9 GHz
  • 4231 CoachAub--------------Phenom ll X4 @3.8 GHz
  • 4165 [email protected] GHz
  • 3227 GSG-9--------------------i7 920 @4.918 GHz
  • 3168 Stonerboy779----------i5 2500k @3.592 GHz
  • 2967 Blizzo---------------------Phenom ll X4 @ 3.216 GHz
  • 2857 firefox11-----------------i7 920 @ 3.504 GHz
  • 2836 Hedghawg71----------Phenom ll X6 @ 3.161 GHz
  • 2759 Ts631-------------------1090t at stock
  • 2740 SpikeSoprano --------Phenom ll X2 unlocked to X4 @3.716 GHz
  • 2650 Dario_92----------------i5 760 @ 3.2 GHz
  • 2545 Venow-------------------Phenom ll X4 @3.511 GHz
  • 2305 XtremeDS--------------Phenom II X2 unlocked to X3 @3GHz
  • 1648 zackhaf -----------------AMD 9150e @ 1.8 GHz
  • 175 bishop245-------------Intel C2D T7250 @1.994 GHz

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I'll play your little game with you :P :edit: i used the stock free settings


stats (everyday use)

i7 950 @ 4.26

ram 12gb @ 7-9-7-24 1T 1854mhz

gtx 580 sli 822/1644/2138


score 4774



bumped my cards to 950/1900/2250 and got an extra 100 points :(

score 4875



:edit: well i just rebooted my pc to tweek my ram and cpu and went to check to see if my sli was on and it wasnt so those last two pull's where with only 1 580.... stupid me :doh:

Edited by olokul

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@ stock settings:


1648 PCMarks




AMD 9150e @ 1.8 GHz

4 GB DDR2, 400Mhz

XFX HD5670



someone has to have to low score! :thumbsup:



edit: added score link

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Come on guys I know more of you have already downloaded this and ran it, lets see some more scores!!thumbsup3.gifph34r2.gif

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anyone know how to get CF to work with it? Tried Radeon Pro and several profiles and can only get 1 GPU to work during the test.

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Keep em coming and ccokeman where is the link?ph34r2.gif

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I got 6628


2600K @ 5.4Ghz + HT


Other systems specs:

2x Corsair Force SSD RAID0

1x GTX 580 980/2206

8Gb Corsair Vengence @ 1866 9-9-9-24 1T

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ok so ive been playing around with this and it doesnt care about ram speeds my normal speed is 4.26 ram 7-9-7-24 @ 1854mhz i then switched to 4.21 ram 9-11-9-28 @ 2202mhz and it gave me a lower score. I really didnt play with my ram to see if i could get it lower just jumped to those timings. For benching i run at 4.61 @ 7-9-7-24 @ 2005mhz, i bumped it up one notch to 4.63 @ 2015mhz on the ram gpus @ 950/1900/2250 and unpluged all of the extra drives to see if anything was slowing it down. score for these settings was 5184 http://3dmark.com/pcm7/30464 i ran afterburn while running one of the tests to see what my video cards were doing and only one is running and only hit 51 on usage then droped to 25 for the rest of the test. I read some post on the net and all are saying that pcmark7 does not use sli/cf. so using the same settings i went in to NV control panel and forced it to alternate the frames in sli mode, this gave me a score of 852 points, thinking something might not have ran right i ran the test again but came up with about the same score.


The only other thing i can think of to get my score any higher is to raid my two 80gb ssd, after looking at the result page for a i7 950 with a 580 gpu im only 400 points behind the highest score with those settings and there are running raided ssd. once i get my new WC loop setup in the case im modding ill do a full reinstall of the os in a raid config and see if i can do any better.

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