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Micro ATX Quiet Case Build

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Time for another update.


As usual, things are going a bit slower than planned, but I have managed to get the bottom panel cuts made today.


I started with the PSU fan cutout. I'm going for a square hole with this one.


I marked where I wanted the hole and drilled a few holes so I could cut it out with a coping saw:




After cutting it out. It's pretty rough, but that's the idea, it'll be neatened up with some sanding:





After some time with a sanding block, much better:





One hole down, one to go..


I marked a 130mm diameter circle for the intake fan cutout. I'm planning on using Thermalright TY-140 fans, and this is the size of the impeller (hopefully my information is accurate!):




Again, I drilled some holes and then cut out with a coping saw.


Chunky auger drill bit:





After drilling holes and cutting the section out:





This time sanding down the rough cut was done with an attachment for my dremel style tool:





The result is a pretty decent circle (note: I gave both this and the PSU hole a slight radius on the lip):





All ready, apart from some holes for the fan mounting. I'll do those when I get the fans and can measure them accurately.





Let's give it a lick of paint:





That's more like it :)





And attached to the frame:







I'll try and get the hole for the top fan cut this evening.

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Managed to get the top panel cut and painted this evening. :D


No building pictures, as I was focusing on getting it done, but the process was the same as for the last hole.




If you are wondering why the hole is off centre, then it is to bring the fan more in line with where the motherboard will be in the case.


It's quite a tight squeeze up there, so I didn't want to go to install the fan and find that it was obstructed by the tray or the board itself.


Offsetting it slightly should mean that it can overhang the motherboard a little if needed. It'll also be more directly in the path of hot air from the CPU heatsink. :)

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Another small update.


If you have wondered how the top and bottom sections of the case are going to be assembled, then this might give you a better idea.


First, some wood sections (it's pine, I think) cut to a length of just over 250mm




These are going to be turned into the support structure for the external 'shell' of the top and bottom sections


I managed to get one (sort of) done today, as it was was partially a test piece to see how well it would turn out.

So I marked it up with a paper template on both sides




Then went to work with a couple of saws


Tenon for the straight sections



The blade on my coping saw snapped when I was cutting holes in the top and bottom panels the other day (I'll have to pick up a replacement blade).

Doing temporary stand in was a hacksaw frame with a cutting wire (for the curved sections).





After cutting and a considerable amount of sanding, I ended up with this:











Some of the sections are of course going to need sections cut out of the centre (as they will make up air intake / exhaust sections), so it'll be interesting to see how that goes.


Hopefully that shows how I am planning to do this somewhat.

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Hmm, interesting. I was wondering how you'd pull off the curved bit, and it looks really good. Just repeat a few more times for the others and it'll look good.

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Yep, you just have to imagine three on the top and three on the bottom (front, middle, back).


They will need a groove cut (or filed) in the bottom, so they rest against the aluminium frame rather than the MDF panels.


Of course I'll need to cut the centre sections out for three of the pieces. Two for the bottom (front and back), one for the top (back).

And whatever holes and modifications I need to do to get the fan controller installed in the top front piece.


It's going to be a bit of work, but I enjoy working with wood more than I do with metal (maybe you could tell? :lol: )

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Interesting idea. I dont know what i thought you were going to do, but that ain't it. Still looks like it will work effectively. :thumbsup:

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Another update for today.


I have been working on the front and side panels this afternoon and this evening.


I didn't take many photos of the work in progress but this is where I am now.



The front panel, marked for some drill holes:




Attached to the front of the case:





A test fit of the switch on a piece of scrap MDF:




I'm considering insetting the switches/LEDs on the front panel on a piece of sheet aluminium that I have left over, but I haven't decided yet.



I didn't take any pictures of working on the side panels, but this is what they look like at the moment:







Still need to sort out the screw threads on the back of the case for the side panels to be secured with, and create somewhere on the front panel for them to mate into.


More work to do tomorrow.

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Looking real good so far. For the side panels, would it be possible to to make some kind of grooved section for them to fit into towards the front, and then have them be screwed in at the back?

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Yep, that's pretty much exactly what I am going for, although rather than a groove at the front on the MDF panel, I'm thinking I'll attach a couple of pieces of aluminium angle (with a channel cut into them) to the front panel and then a couple screws for 'pegs' that will slot into those channels. If that makes sense? :lol:


I can't wait to cover those panels in carbon fiber vinyl now, but I know I need to make sure they are just right (are perfectly smooth and line up exactly) before I do.

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That idea should work out well. It makes sense, though I'd probably come up with a test panel first to make sure it'll all fit together before attaching the aluminum angle to the case.


I'm interested to see how the carbon fiber will look with the rest of the case.

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Pardon my horrible reading comprehension (not sure if you mentioned this) but are you using any sort of rubber/vibration dampening between the metal side panel and the wood sidepanel's mounting hardware?

I doubt much vibration will transfer but you can never bee too sure.




Also another thing I was thinking of was using premade case handles mounted inverted as some case feet.

There are quite a few aluminium ones that would work well, fit with you case design well enough, provide a good space for airflow for your bottom 140MM and of course allow you to have some good hand holds on your otherwise smooth case design.



These may be too large (and expensive) but they're flat topped and would probably work well.

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