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Micro ATX Quiet Case Build

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Thanks guys.

I think the time and effort was worth it, though I do wish I had better tools as I think that would have made the whole thing a lot easier.


A slight change today, in that I managed to get my Accelero S1 to fit on the HD 6670. It is a pretty tight squeeze, with the heatpipes just clearing the southbridge heatsink.


Having no small GPU fan means it is even nice and quiet when gaming now.


A quick check of temps seems positive too. The stock heatsink used to hit around 70c and with the S1 it looks like it'll be closer to the 40s (peaked at 42c with a quick F1 2011 test just now).

So probably even a bit more room for some GPU overclocking if I feel like it now. :)



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Looks pretty good with that cooler on there, especially since it dropped the temps that much. When you do get around to getting a beefier video card, will you try to get a passive cooler for it as well?

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I may do. I know that there are already passive versions of reasonably beefy cards available.


Either that or just try to get one that has a large quiet fan or fans.

I ran my old HD 4850 with the S1 and a 120mm fan, so I could always try for that route again if the S1 would fit on newer cards.

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Yeah, I think it is the best value cooling purchase I have ever made, as it has given me years of service across three different cards now (8800GT, HD 4850 and now HD 6670).


It was pretty cheap too really (less than £25 if my memory is correct).

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