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DDC BFBC2 invitational

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Hey all thanks for the great response! The server is getting more popular and people are in it more often.


As for recruitment my clan is recruiting heavily for Bad Company 2 right now and are accepting all applicants because Bad Company 2 is a new chapter of the clan. Once we have enough BC2 members, i will begin recruiting for a Bad company 2 Pro team.


As for special events on the server, I have organized the first ever DDC invitational! as a members of over clockers club i invite everyone here to come play as VIPs! The event is scheduled for Friday may 13th and starts at 9:00pm easter standard time and will go as long as you can play for.


to claim your VIP slot please PM me and i will reserve your space for VIP spot. VIP spaces are limited since it is only a 24 person server


Also to increase team work my clan has rented a mumble server which is open for public use at no charge the server information is: IP: east1.voice.ejin.com Port: 64353


throughout this event i will take map requests. if demanded i will also switch game types. Majority vote will win.


So come one come all to the DDC server for good times and probably a few laughs.


feel free to add me to your friends list


Steam ID : ^2DDC|^9Mr.Niceguy^2|G

BC2 ID: Mr.Niceguy;)


any questions you can post here or you can PM me


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Hey MNG,


Did a copy and paste of your Steam ID and it came back "unable to find......."

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try just mr.niceguy then

yes, that one worked (in fact tried it right after I sent the earlier thread response.

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Yeah I prefer HC myself, but I'll play on anything. I feel like it takes more skill to hang onto somebody's head while they're dodging in normal mode, but I feel like HC is more fun.

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Good news for those who cant make it!


do to how active my clan is i will be scheduling weekly events to be hod on the DDC server


to accomidate those who like different games types and modes like HC i will change settings to fit the majorities wants and needs


if you are looking for server in for you can go here http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ to get any server info you would like


if you would like more information on joining the DDC you can go to our website at www.dumbestclan.enjin.com are are recruiting very very heavily for BFBC2


if you would like to become and admin i will offer a 4 month special of 5 dollars a month for any OCC members who wish to become and admin just put somewhere on admin application that you are an OCC member with your OCC name

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