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Win a HD5670 Competition !! Hosted by Nyt Ryda


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Ok I will be holding my own personal competition with prizes that will start soon so watch this space ...

It will take place over 1-2 month period .


Details will be available under ... hours

Every one - two hours I will randomly reveal a letter of what the contest revolves around until all 5 digits are revealed ..


1st digit : H

2nd digit :W

3rd digit : B

4th digit : O

5th digit : T


If you think you know what it is then keep it to yourself :ph34r:


*End of guessing*


Now for the real details :


Thats right ... It revolves around HWbot and more specifically HWbot points . For those that dont know , HWbot is an overclocking league .

You can read more on their homepage .


The OCC Members page is pretty small and most of them are dormant . So I thought I could hold my own personal competition (no linked to OCC whatsoever) to assist OCC's HWbot team so that we can climb the ranks by having more people benching and trying to score points for our overall team score.


The Competition runs from today the 8th of May until the 1st of July


There will be a random prize draw with all the names of people from our HWbot team that have made a submission after yesterday.

If other prizes are added by other generous members then there will be multiple draws.

If you make the best submission out of our team you do NOT automatically win


We want as many people to contribute and help OCC climb the ranks.


But as all competitions , there are rules and here they are : Firstly , I cannot claim a prize.

You have to have been a member on the OCC Forums before I made this thread to claim a prize but if you join after you can still bench and help OCC gain points if you joined afterwards .

You must join the OCC HWbot team so that we gain points for your submissions .

You must have made a post between the 10th of April (4 weeks ago) and today the 8th of May to claim a prize (I will check this personally)


Oh and road_runner probably wont be eligible since he benches for team "Pure"


Prizes : Since its just me with prizes (and Im overseas so I cant ship some stuff over) I had to come up with some prizes that you can receive without shipping . If you want to offer prizes too then pm me .

This is what I can offer the ran so far :


First random draw prize: You can only choose one of the below prizes that I offer :


Any single or multiple Steam games of your choosing to the total value of $60


OR if you dont want that then ..

You could have 3D Mark Vantage Advanced , 3D Mark 06 Advanced and 3D Mark 11 Advanced that I will buy and send you the codes for .


OR if either of those dont suit you then this prize might be for you (probably the nicest one):

A brand new Sapphire HD5670 512mb from Newegg payed by me through PayPal with shipping to you (continental US only)


Second random draw prize : Mafia 2 Steam game code


And third random draw prize : Another Mafia 2 Steam game code


Worth benching for ?

Lets start :cool2:


Heres a list of the benchmarks that HWbot accepts for points :

Here the list on HWbot's official site and the download links : http://hwbot.org/benchmark.do

I cant list all the details here so take a look around on HWbot and it should give you a good idea of what to do


CPU-Z (highest CPU overclock)

PCMark 2005


SuperPi (fastest time)

SuperPi 32m (fastest time)

wPrime 1024m (fastest time)

wPrime 32m (fastest time)

3DMark Vantage - Performance (remember to have PhysX disabled) (highest score)

3DMark03 (highest score)

3DMark05 (highest score)

3DMark06 (highest score)

3DMark2001 SE (highest score)

Aquamark (highest score)

Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset (DX11) (highest score)

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